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August 19 1892/1992

Rush - David Angle's colt had just been hitched to the buggy and was left a moment unhitched until Mr. A. closed the barn door, which operation frightened the colt, and it started towards P. Cavanaugh's, full jump. One of the Cavanaugh’s tried to stop it when it wheeled towards the fence and performed the feat of taking itself and the buggy over the stone wall, without injury to itself but breaking a grill and a couple of bows out of the buggy.

Montrose - A handsome cab for railway timetables has been placed in the Tarbell House by the Railway Association. In this case may be found timetables of nearly every railroad in the United Slates. This will be a great convenience to the traveling public. AND Last week we ran short of papers through some mistake in wetting down paper for our edition and we were compelled to send half sheets to some of our subscribers. The Republican AND George Smith report a catch of some nine bass in ten minutes at Jones Lake [Lake Montrose]. This broke the record. It also broke up the fishing, as George didn't get another bite afterwards.

Hallstead - Henry Hall, the bigamist who escaped being captured in Hallstead, was caught by the Sheriff at Nunda, NY last week and is now in the Binghamton jail awaiting the action of the grand jury on charge of bigamy. Since Hall's escape from the clutches of the law at Hallstead last spring, the Sheriff of Broome County has been keeping an eye out for him and last week he succeeded in locating him and made the arrest as stated.

Forest Lake - Miss Nina McKeeby, daughter of Theo. McKeeby, of Forest Lake, was very pleasantly surprised last Wednesday evening when, on returning from making a neighborly call, she found about sixty of her young friends assembled on the lawn which had been handsomely decorated with torches, Chinese lanterns, etc., it being the occasion of her birthday. After being bountifully supplied with ice cream, lemonade and cake, they presented Miss Nina with a very handsome rocker. All then took their departure, feeling that they had passed a very pleasant evening.

South Gibson - On August 4th, about 1 PM, during a terrific thunder storm, a horse barn belonging to John Brundage, of South Gibson was struck by lightning and burned with all its contents, two pair of bobs, double light sleigh, cutter, mowing machine, cultivators, forks, saws and tolls too numerous to mention, hay and 10,000 shingles, sap pails; also a buggy belonging to Gilbert Witter. A corn house that stood nearby was also burned Men, women and children worked like heroes, and succeeded in saving the other barns that stood near and were attached by a gale.

Susquehanna - Daniel Maloney, of Eric Avenue, while attempting to climb upon a moving train, at Binghamton, was flung against Chenango Bridge. His body was badly bruised. AND Cards are out announcing the wedding of Miss Clara Belle Jackson to Mr. Fred Hanchett.

Elk Lake - Many of the farmers of this section are not through their haying yet; hurry along boys or you will get left. Thos. Keough has his oats harvesting nearly completed. Thos. is a hustler and is always ahead.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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