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August 17 1894/1994

Clifford - Clifford has an expert fourisher of the whalebone, as one of our enterprising citizens found out a few evenings since, as he was caught peeping into the windows of the aforesaid citizen about the time the family were retiring for the night Everybody seems to feel happy over the event, except the guilty one.

North Jackson - Susquehanna is making preparations to entertain the survivors of the 6th Regt Pa. Reserves on the occasion of their annual reunion Sept 18. Co. K of that famous regiment was largely recruited in Susquehanna and vicinity, and Jackson has at least two citizen Soldiers Messrs. C.T. Belcher and M.V. Larrabee, who can rise up and say we marched and fought with.

Birchardville - M.L Ball, dealer in boots and shoes, has a fine supply on hand. He also attends to Uncle Sam’s mail, and promptly responds to all calls in the undertaking lines.

Franklin Forks - The game of ball between the two nines of this place resulted in the defeat of the first nine two out of three times and they call them the scrubs, too. Never mind boys. Take it cool and don’t get excited over trifles.

Springville - The streams are so low that water mills are left without power to do their work. Early planted potatoes are a complete failure for want of rain. Everything is so completely dried up that even forest trees are dying and rain must come soon or serious trouble will result

Herrick Centre - Our town has been entertained for the last few days with a phonograph. Monday evening as landlord P.H. Flynn and his guests were at supper two young men from Wayne County stole part of the lubes. They were pursued and captured, brought back after giving up the stolen property. After making some very good promises they were allowed to depart

Gibson - The Pickering family will hold their annual reunion at the house of Mr. Sam Holmes, in Gibson (Smiley) on Wednesday, Aug 29, 1894. All relatives of said family are cordially invited to be present.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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