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August 16 1895/1995

West Auburn -The ice-cream festival Saturday evening was a very enjoyable affair. Among those from other places were Miss Daisy Granger and Miss Stark of Rush; and Miss Helen Briggs of Meshoppen. A pleasant feature of the entertainment was the comet playing by Miss Carrie Cogswell.

Oakland - The Susquehanna-Oakland Bridge is completed. It has been accepted by the County Commissioners. It has been declared free. Now let the band play.

Susquehanna - The Erie's Sunday excursions from Binghamton to Taylor's Grove, Lanesboro, are well patronized. Six carloads came last Sunday. A good many complain of the "drought" existing at the Grove and up the river.

Burnwood - Minnetonka Tribe, No. 284, Improved Order of Red Men, was instituted at Burnwood. July 13, 1895, and is already in a very nourishing condition. A beautiful marble gavel was presented to the tribe by E.J. Matthews, of Susquehanna, for which the members of the Order expressed their fullest thanks and highest appreciation

Clifford - Mr. Ridgeway, our popular butcher, supplies us with fresh meat three times each week.

Montrose - On account of the heavy condition of the roads, the Bicycle club did not have their proposed run, last Monday evening. Another meet is called for next Monday evening, and every cyclist should be promptly on hand, at the front of the Court House at 7 o'clock for an enjoyable spin.

Forest Lake - Mr. Levi Wells and son, of Wyalusing, passed through this place on Saturday, leaving at the residence of Mr. F.A. Lewis one of their handsome Chicago collage organs and a fine Estery at the residence of Mrs. W.E. Darrow, of North Bridgewater.

Herrick Centre - The Jolly Score Camping Club having gone to the camp of quiet retreat on the shores of Loch Wiametta, the Score comprised the following persons: F.D. Fletcher. W.O. Patterson, D.W. Jones, Raymon Tingley, Clara Patterson, Ida Barnes. Blanch and Lena Corey, Lizzie Bowell and Nettie Fisher of Herrick Center Herbert Kishbaugh and wife of Wyoming; H.D. Dunn of Forest City; Howard Crane, of Uniondale; Samuel Entrot, of Ararat; Edith Voeste, of Jermyn, and Grace Steams, of Harford. Tuesday morning, Aug. 6th, we were on our way as we climbed from peak to peak of old Pocono's lofty hills and beheld the beauties of nature spread out on every hand it inspired us with a greater reverence for nature's God. Shortly after noon our camps were pitched and we began camp life, but not until Old Sol was hiding himself behind the western hill, Saturday night, could we be induced to pull our lent pins and bid adieu to camp Quiet Retreat.

Union Hill - A young gentleman arrived at Nelvin Empet’s July 31st, and Nell thought he was rather small to battle this world alone and decided to keep him a while. The little fellow weighed 7-1/2 pounds.

Hallstead - John Fisher has had a supply pipe fitted between a mountain spring and his kitchen and now enjoys the convenience of running water indoors.

Gibson - Reunions: The Pickering family reunion will be held at the old Preserved Pickering place, in Gibson, on Wednesday, Aug. 28th '95. All relatives are cordially invited to be present. At the Downer family picnic at Forest Lake last week, about 30 were present. The descendants of Isaac Rhynearson deceased, and their friends, will hold their 4th annual reunion in Freeman Manzer's grove near Lenox, Sept. 5. Reunion of the Seven Smith Brothers will be held in the Griffin Grove, Heart Lake Aug 23d.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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