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August 15 1890/1990

Montrose - The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church will hold a three-day wilderness on Courthouse grounds, commencing Monday, August 11. The Coronet Band and Samuel Smith's Jubilee singers will be in attendance and there will be comic and tragic plays. All are invited. Admission 5 cents and 10 cents.

Susquehanna - Veterans of the late Civil War, from seven counties in northeastern Pennsylvania, will hold the annual reunion in Susquehanna in September. "The latch string will hang out.” And the game of baseball between the Crickets of this place and a nine composed of players from Great Bend and Windsor, occurred at Beebe's Park, Saturday. Score 25 to 9 in favor of the Crickets. It wasn't awfully exciting.

Jackson - Mrs. C.M. McFarland, of Pleasant Mount, Wayne County, a lady in her 84th year, pieced a cradle quilt and presented it to the Ladies Aid Society of the M.E. Church, which sold for $7.63. She also sent a cradle quilt to her granddaughter in Kansas, the quilt containing 1620 pieces. If any Susquehanna County lady can beat that we would like to hear from them.

Binghamton, NY - A thousand girls and boys are wanted by Barlow, Rogers and Simpson to learn cigar rolling. $3 per week until learned, then full pay. AND Binghamton is enjoying a regular monkey and parrot time. Accounts of street fights, highway robberies, suicides, libel suits, arrests for intimidation, etc., etc., all fill the daily papers all on account of the strike of the cigar twisters.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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