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August 12 1921/2021

Forest Lake – Silas Jagger, age 75, who has kept an accurate record of the weather for many years, tells us that July was the hottest month he has yet seen. The twenty-four hour average for the month was a little higher than 83 degrees while the mercury at no time fell below 79 degrees. With August starting off with so many very cool days, the seasonal average will be greatly reduced. The summer is speeding away and we are aware the snow shovel will have replaced the lawn mower. ALSO Descendants of the Canfield Stone family, to the number of 170, met here for their 19th annual reunion, an all day picnic. William and John Stone, born in Hereford-on-the-Wye, England, were the eighth and tenth signers of the “plantation covenant,” between July 1 and 15, 1539, on the ship St. John, the first to enter New Haven harbor. They got a deed for the township of Guilford from the great Mohegan sachem, Uncas.

Glenwood – William J. Green, who has conducted a store at Glenwood for the past several months, lately purchased the store of E. M. Barnes, also at Glenwood, and will use the building as a feed store and a stock room. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes have returned to their farm in Lenox. Mr. Green, upon engaging in business in Glenwood, purchased from Dr. Decker, of Nicholson, what is known as the Tanner store, where he will continue his mercantile business.

Herrick Twp. – F.M. Felter, one of our very well-known and highly esteemed residents, has been during jury duty in Montrose this week and made The Democrat a pleasant call. His long life has been a most useful and active one, having lived continuously in Herrick since his birth 73 years ago. Mr. Felter believes that a medium amount of work is conducive to one’s health—necessary for the healthy functioning of both mind and body. He is right.

Stevens Point – A female bear and two cubs have been seen in the woods near here, the past two weeks. Berry Pickers report having seen the bears. They were first mistaken for deer, but when some of the more daring crept nearer, they discovered the members of the Bruin family.

Hallstead – H. O. Bullard, well known here, being a native of Bridgewater township, is one of Hallstead’s very wide-awake businessmen. In addition to his store he has a finely equipped auto livery. Thirty years ago Mr. Bullard and the writer were “cronies,” both being members then of the old Heart Lake Band and as player of the cornet, Mr. Bullard was a local wonder, making such rapid progress after taking up the study of music as to win the admiration of a wide circle of friends no less than to surprise them. Angus Richardson, who owns the showy farm on the old plank road, north of Alford, was the leader of the band. Other members of the band at that time were: Merchant C. L. Stephens, of Montrose; Ben Jewett, of Brooklyn; Louis and Sherman Griffing, of Heart Lake; Nelson J. Tiffany, formerly of Tiffany Station, now of Buffalo, NY; Perry and Ira Calph, Raymond Millard and others.

Hop Bottom – The funeral services of Delbert Dean Rose were held from the M. E. church, Sunday, Aug. 7. His death occurred in France, three years ago, from wounds received in action at Chateau-Thierry. His remains were the first of the World War soldiers to be returned to Hop Bottom for burial. He sailed overseas with the 13th Regiment of Scranton, as a private soldier of Co. L., 109thInfantry, 28th Division.

Susquehanna – Howard Collins, formerly of Susquehanna, is making his mark in New York theatrical circles. He is now musical director for one of the largest and best shows on Broadway. He was director of music for “Irene” during the run of the show. Mr. Collins has been visiting friends here.

Heart Lake – Never were the waters in the lake so low as this summer. Some plan to raise or rebuild the dam at the outlet is being considered.

Montrose – The Bible Conference closed on Sunday after what was probably its most successful year. It is felt by the heads of it that it is no longer an experiment, but a stable and permanent institution with a great and most useful future. ALSO The A. M. E. Zion church had its annual picnic at Heart Lake last week, in connection with churches from Scranton and Binghamton.

Lanesboro – Every sportsman in the county knows the pool made by the natural dam at Melrose on Starrucca creek. The Rod and Gun Club, of Susquehanna, have had it stocked with fish and when it was found to have been dynamited and great numbers of fish killed, a wave of indignation went over everybody. The party who did the dynamiting had come in an auto, accompanied by a woman. The auto number was obtained and upon investigation by the Club the name of the owner, H. L. Brown, was discovered. He was arrested and dealt with very justly because of his unsportsmanlike practice. His arrest, it is hoped, will teach people a needed lesson. A fine of $117.57 was accessed.

Franklin Forks – George P. Stockholm, a veteran of Gettysburg, was in The Republican office and showed a bullet picked from the battlefield 16 years after the battle in a wheat field. He had the bullet bored out and a scene put in with magnifying glass showing Jennie Wade, her old home and monument in the cemetery. Mr. Stockholm enjoys good health in spite of his old war experience.

New Milford/Hallstead – The new concrete pavement between New Milford and Hallstead is now opened to about three miles below Summersville and will, by the first of the month, it is expected, be completed.

Rush – Mrs. S. A. Edwards, who lives one mile from the Rush High School and by whose door the transport wagon that carries the school children passes twice a day, would take two or three school girl boarders. ALSO In Rushboro, the festival at the grove here, last week, was a great success. The Willys Light agent wired the grove and furnished fine electric lights. An entertainment by the local people made lots of fun. The proceeds were about $40.

Springville – The fresh air children that have been entertained in this section for the past few weeks, returned to New York on Monday.

Marriage Licenses: Nick Kurko, and Anna Gumbach, both of Forest City; John Treven, and Agnes Stare, both of Forest City; Willard E. Gibson, Uniondale and Doris Burns, Sebring, Fla.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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