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August 04 1905/2005

Susquehanna - A most singular accident occurred on Main street, Saturday afternoon. A big St. Bernard dog, in a wild chase after another canine, came in sudden contact with Wm. Best of Scranton, who was passing down the street. In his fall to the pavement, Mr. best was rendered unconscious for a short time. He was attended by Dr. Goodwin. AND Residents in the neighborhood of Grand street cemetery are complaining of nightly desecrations in that quiet spot where rest the dead.

Harford - Miss Lou M. Rogers has her new millinery shop nearly completed and wishes to announce to her friends that she expects soon to go to New York and make a specialty of the trimming department of the millinery work and will return in time to meet her friends with a full line of new goods for the fall and winter trade.

Lawsville - Frank McLeod shot a mink a few days ago that was standing with its front feet on the door sill, looking into the house in quest of a hen and chickens that had run into the room to escape capture.

Thompson - A number of campers are already on the Free Methodist campgrounds, making ready for their meetings which begin on the 16th. Dr. C. H. Mead, of New York, is their speaker Friday afternoon, Aug. 18, when Prohibition will be the theme dwelt upon.

Great Bend - A burglar tried to force an entrance into the home of Post-Master F. G.Trowbridge early Tuesday morning. Mrs. Trowbridge heard someone trying to open the front door, awakening her husband it frightened them and they ran to the rear of the house into a shed. Mr. Trowbridge spoke to the intruder several times as to what he wanted. When he threatened to shoot, the man said he "wanted to get in." He ran from the shed into the street and disappeared, but there is a chance of his being recognized if he stays in this vicinity.

Lindaville, Brooklyn Twp. - H. W. Roper has been employed to convey the school children of this district to and from the Brooklyn High School.

East Rush - The East Rush ball team complain because they have had no chance to play ball. They have asked four or five different teams, but all have declined. They have not been defeated this year.

Friendsville/Montrose - F. J. Elliott, driver of the Friendsville stage, on Thursday afternoon of last week, was found missing when it was the usual time for the stages to start out on their return trip. Chief of Police Tingley at once instituted a search and found the driver-less wagon near the L. & M. station. As Elliott was not discovered during the day his horse and wagon were placed in good hands and the search for the missing man continued. He was on Tuesday found at Alford, having evidently been wandering about several days. The unfortunate man has been thought to be mentally unbalanced for some time.

Lawsville - F. B. Travis was here Tuesday. "Fred" is a clever violinist and can do stunts on the hornpipe and reel line that puzzle the best of 'em.

Fairdale - They are making extensive repairs on the Fairdale M. E. church. Dan Oaks and Will Blazier are doing the work.

Heart Lake - A surprise party was made for Mrs. Martin Whitney at Heart Lake, Wednesday, July 26th, it being her birthday anniversary. A large number were present and a fun time was reported. A large portrait of herself was left as a memento of the occasion.

St. Joseph - Fr. John J. McCahill, the "St. Joseph boy," recently ordained, is now at work as assistant in the Annunciation Parish, in the heart of New York City, its rector being Dan Penny. Many friends will wish the young priest unbounded success in his life work.

Forest Lake - The Stone family reunion will be held at Forest Lake, Aug. 5th, 1905. Picnic dinner at 12 o'clock. An invitation is extended to the descendants of Canfield and Benajah Stone.

North Jackson - Samuel Coddington recently was attracted to a bush-lot by dogs barking, where he found two dogs confronted by an enormous "rattler." Obtaining a pole and driving off the dogs he dispatched the snake, which was 4 1/2 feet in length.

News Briefs: The New York, Pennsylvania & Southwestern railroad project appears to be "going up the flue." In fact some of the officials admit the future is surrounded by a purplish haze and that all work on the road will stop within a week. The offices of the Colonial Construction company are closed and an attachment on the office furniture for $400 was issued a few days ago. The resignation of Chief Engineer Webster from any connection with the road, which went into effect this week, is one of the most severe blows which the road has sustained and is believed to mean the finish. Up until this time some work along the proposed route has been kept in motion, but now everything is at a standstill awaiting the outcome of the conferences in New York. AND A circular has been issued announcing that the dedication of the memorial erected in the National Cemetery at Andersonville, Ga., in memory of the Pennsylvania soldiers who died while confined during the Civil War in prison at that place and also, that the dedication of the monument which is to commemorate the services rendered at the Siege of Vicksburg, Miss., by the 45th, 50th, 51st and 100th Regiments, Pa. Vol., and Durell's Battery of Penn., will take place some time in October or November of 1905. By recent Act of General Assembly all honorably discharged Pennsylvania soldiers who have been confined in the Confederate prison at Andersonville during the War of the Rebellion are entitled to free transportation to and from the Memorial dedication; and all surviving soldiers of the organizations mentioned who participated in the Siege of Vicksburg are entitled to free transportation to and from the dedication of the monument mentioned. AND Gossip is a humming-bird with eagle wings and a voice like a fog-horn. It can be heard from Dan to Beersheba and has caused more trouble than all the bedbugs, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, coyotes, grass-hoppers, chinchbugs, rattlesnakes, sharks, sore toes, cyclones, earthquakes, blizzards, small pox, yellow fever, gout and indigestion that this great United States has known or will know when the universe shuts up shop and begins the final invoice. In other words, it has got war and hell both backed up in the corner yelling for ice water.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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