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August 03 1900/2000

Susquehanna - On account of the employment of air brakes the Erie and the D&H will reduce the number of brakemen on each train. AND: The first delegation of fresh air children will return from Susquehanna and Oakland to New York City on Saturday morning.

Lanesboro - The Canawacta Water Supply Company's new reservoir is gradually approaching completion. It will have a capacity of 1,500 barrels.

Harford - The Coddington nursery men are photographing the Burbank plum trees on the farm of Frank LeBar. There is a chance for farmers to see what can be done with that grade of fruit in this country.

Franklin Forks - About 200 enjoyed the reunion of the "Boys and Girls of '76," which was held at Salt Springs, Aug. 2. A Sunday School and Neighborhood picnic will be held at Salt Springs on Aug. 16th.

Harford - Miss Marantha Thatcher is in very poor health. She cared so kindly for her father during his old age and sickness. Is there not someone to care for her? AND: We are glad to state that the people have at last made a start towards building a pagoda for the band; they have earned it, let the work go on.

Lake View - Frank Carpenter and Jessie Morse have gone to Colorado to canvass. AND: Married in Binghamton, July 25, at the home of R. B. Case by Rev. Hancock Allison, G. Savory, of Lake View, to Miss Mayme Oliver, of Lakeside. A reception was tendered them on the evening of the 26th. Many useful presents were given them, dishes, silverware and furniture.

Auburn Center - School at this place will soon begin with Miss Alpha Howard as teacher.

North Branch (Middletown Twp) - John Gage wears a broad smile; it's a girl. AND: Mary Schooley killed a black snake which measured 6 1/2 ft, the other day, on the road near Joe Shadduck's.

South Montrose - The Ladies' Mission Band will picnic at Heart Lake, Aug. 21.

Glenwood - The Star base ball nine of this place played the Welsh boys last Saturday. Score, 6-5 in favor of the Stars.

Brooklyn - The shocking news reached here on Monday that Bert Mack, aged 21, son of Mr. & Mrs. Latham Mack, who lived with his parents on the old Elijah Mack homestead, known as "The Pine Tree," one mile south of Brooklyn, had that morning been found hanging by the neck in his fathers barn. The young man was of excellent character and habits and was his parents' right hand man on the farm. What prompted the rash act is and promises to remain a mystery.

Oakley - Wise house wives in the summer lay in a supply of dried herbs such as sage, boneset, mint and pennyroyal to ward off sickness in the winter season. AND: People who had their cows milked last summer are watching with loaded shotguns to prevent similar visitations this year.

Elk Lake - Mr. Wiggins, of Wyalusing, is doing a good business at the Lake selling and trading horses.

Glenwood - The quietness of our town was disturbed by the appearance of a travelling show one day last week. A goodly number gathered to see the performance which was very creditable. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," hence the gathering.

Dundaff - Fern Hall is doing a rushing business this season, under the management of Mrs. C. E. Johnson. Mrs. J. is the right person in the right place.

Springville - L. H. Bushnell was in Montrose Saturday on his way home from a visit to New Milford. When a boy, Mr. Bushnell was a resident of Montrose. His father owned a farm which included the present Post farm and also that of Judge Jessup and he built, 72 years ago, the house at the foot of Bank Hill, known as the Post house, for a hotel, but concluded not to use it as such.

Brookdale - Papers have been received for the admission of Ted Knapp, son of J. Knapp, and Jessie and Bessie Tarbox, to the soldiers orphan school at Harford.

Hallstead - Peter Kniskern, of Hickory Grove, Sec. of the township School Board, spent considerable time early in the week completing details for the locating and building of the new school house near the silk mill, a contract which had been awarded to E. H. B. Roosa. It was discovered, just as preparations were made to being work, that the three lots, for which the School Board holds a recorded deed, had been previously conveyed to and recorded by Ward Ives, and in part re-conveyed to others. The project was temporarily brought to a stand-still pending a proper settlement of the mistake of the local officials of the Hallstead Land Improvement Company.

Rush - The Snell family and their friends held a picnic on Aug. 2 at Kinney Pond and had a very enjoyable time. Among those present were Rev. G. Gorise and family, Clifford and Mary Hickok, the Misses Edna, Mabel and Maud McCain, Masters Earl and Floyd McCain, Dr. Snell and wife, Miss Grace Snell and Selden Bunnell, all of Rush, and Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Roberts, Miss Effie Leonard and J. B. Curtis, of New York city. The afternoon was spent by the gentlemen of the party fishing and a large number of fish were caught including one by J. B. Curtis, of the New York post office, weighing 4 lbs.

Montrose - C. F. DeLong has added a Sturdevant-Larrabee rubber-tire surry to his livery equipment. AND: Titman and Son's newly-painted delivery wagon makes a fine appearance. The painting and lettering was done by James V. Clary and is very creditable.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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