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April 6 1894/1994

Thompson - Twenty years ago snow as late as about the 18th of April snow fell to the depth of four inches and the first of April the snow was so deep that it was a hard matter to get into the woods with a team and sled, and snow drifts were to be seen in great plenty. In 1857 some boys on the 9th of April, we think it was, rode on the snow on the crust, early in the morning, while it was hard.

Jackson - W.W. Pope has a fine artistic piece of work ready for the new Church edifice at Gelatt, viz: a pulpit of curled cherry and ash. It will make a fine appearance when put in place. Ex-Sheriff E.P. Pope, of Montrose, has furnished a fine chandelier for the Church, which is at W.W. Pope's, ready to be used when wanted fine presents, both of them.

Hop Bottom- Monday was general moving day. Only six families changed residences.

Montrose - Residents of Montrose, Pa. will perhaps be interested in a description of her namesake in Colorado, which a traveler mentions in a recent letter thus: Montrose reached in a run of 21 miles, is located in the Uncompahgre valley, almost surrounded by mountains over 24,000 feet high, upon a level plain, vast in extent; a dry, arid waste originally, but irrigation has made it a country rich in fruit, cereals and vegetables. Here was the reservation of the Ute Indians. This town can take just pride in the grandeur of its mountain view. Elevation 5,611 feet, population 1,500. AND There will be a grand concert given in the A.M.E. [African Methodist Episcopal] Zion church, Thursday evening, April 12, 1894, by the North Star Jubilee Singers. Admission: adults 15-cents; children 10-cents.

Auburn Corners- it is quite evident that Montrose has some quite thorough church-going people, ten miles is quite a long distance to go but nevertheless some of them attend our church all the same. We welcome them and yet they are quite a detriment to our choir.

Harford - The special session of Harford's Farmer Club, Monday evening, March 26th, was taken up with business relating to past and present orders for goods. Mr. F.L. Hines presented the subject of oleomargarine; discussion followed; and Club finally decided to hold a regular meeting Monday evening, April 9th, to consider fully this important subject it will be our last session this spring.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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