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April 3 1896/1996

Rush - Delmar Stark lost a valuable cow recently. She found her way to the meal bin and helped herself to too much of a good thing. All remedies failed, as well as the cow.

Glenwood - Glenwood is a quiet little hamlet composed of a chapel, two stores, and gristmill and saw mill, a Temperance Hotel, two blacksmith shops, a Church and about twenty dwelling houses.

Silver Lake - Silver Lake is still covered with ice 22 inches thick. AND Wilbur Wakely and E. Light, who now have the Montrose and Binghamton stage route, drive good horses and furnish comfortable vehicles, and it is to be hoped they will continue in charge.

Lathrop - It is beautiful spring weather, the snow is nearly gone and the roads are in very bad condition.

Montrose - An experimental street lamp, burning gas, attracted considerable attention in front of the Post office last night the gas is generated by the heat of the blaze, and gave a pure, bright light.

Shannon Hill - Auburn Twp. C.A. Dean, a graduate of the State College, is to run the Shannon Hill creamery this summer, business to commence April 1.

Brooklyn - J.I. Tewksbury, our tonsorial artist, still holds forth at his old stand on Turnpike St. He is always ready to give you a good shave or nice clip.

Springville - Hay is plenty now, and is offered for sale by lots of the honest old farmers. Three months ago hardly any could be found. It is now bringing $12 per ton, delivered.

Susquehanna - The new four wheel connected locomotive, just turned out of the Erie shops, will soon be given an opportunity to demonstrate its capability and speed in pulling a train from Jersey City to Chicago.

Thompson - At Tucker will move into the I. Hine house on Jackson street vacated by G.M. Wrighter, he having sold his farm at Dunn's pond to R.P. Patterson, who we learn will put up a large building there and make it a summer resort for city people.

Burnwood - A man in this county said he did not want any teacher to instruct his children that the earth is round.

William’s Pond [Stone Bridge] - The Stone Bridge Orchestra Co. have received their musical instruments, and in the regular meetings are progressing finely in musical attainment Having raised the "wind" to pay for their outfits, they hope to raise more melodious notes than the chilling breezes of March. (The location of Stone Bridge is Williams Pond, Bridgewater Twp.)

Alford - Miss Mable Aldrich treated her friends to a maple sugar party last Thursday evening.

New Milford - DeLeon's Medicine Co. are giving entertainments nightly, for a week, at the Opera House.

Ararat - Mabel Bloxham closed her six-month’s term of school in Herrick last Thursday. Delos Stone closed his school in the Brooks district on Thursday.

Susquehanna County - Permits to Wed: Marriage licenses recently issued at the Recorder's Office were to the following couples: Joseph Luce and Helen Stanford, both of Lawsville; Delbert Warner to Etta Walker, both of Liberty; Lewis B. Squires to Louella G. Sutton, both of New Milford; Chas. Steiger, of Jessup, to Ida Shelp, of Pittston but formerly of Jessup; Thos. H. Raye, of Susquehanna, to Mrs. Louisa Mead, of New Milford.

News Briefs: An Indiana county woman is asking for a divorce on the ground that her husband deceived her in regard to his age and refuses to either, comb his whiskers or wear a wig. She also says she is compelled to borrow money of him at eight per cent interest to supply her absolute needs.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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