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April 28 1893/1993

West Auburn - The quilt arranged by the ladies of the P. of I. Lodge is nearly completed; they have received about $40. Proceeds will go towards building the hall.

Lynn - Elias Tilman, of Lynn, formerly of Auburn, made from 250 maples 225 gallons of syrup and 30 lbs. of sugar; will make less next year, however, as the high wind of last week blew down fifty of his fine trees.

Auburn Corners - The many friends of Mrs. Ranee Birch will be pained to hear that during the great blow of last week, the wind slammed the door by which she stood, breaking her arm near the wrist. Mr. Birch is no better.

Clifford - Thursday, 20th, was the windiest day of the season. The wind blew down more trees, barns and fences than I ever knew or heard of, in one day. AND Our new M.E. minister, Frank Marshall, arrived here Saturday. He visited the stores in the evening and introduced himself to the boys and had a brief chat with them. He is very talkative, fine looking and very social. He preached a very fine sermon on Sunday. If he holds out as well as he has commenced lie will prove himself worthy of his charge.

Montrose - L.P. Knoll has filled up a nice seat for H.S. Patrick's sulkey, using his patent headrest appliance. It works splendidly, and M.S.D. says it makes a fellow think of the time when he used to go to see his girl, and sit on her lap. But that’s something we know nothing about

Rush - A number of farmers have been unable to plough for oats on account of wet ground.

Susquehanna - The recent ram and windstorm, which visited us, seemed to raise havoc with everything, which chanced to be in its path. The destruction of properly, occasioned by its tremendous force, is greater than ever before known in this locality. Chimneys were blown over, barns were completely wrecked, telegraph poles were stretched out, and huge trees made mere playthings by the merciless tornado. The apex of the Baptist church steeple was blown off and twelve large skylights in the Erie long shop were lifted by the wind and dashed to the roof in a thousand fragments. When the loss is figured up it will amount to a great deal.

Lanesboro - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flaharty, on Monday, a 10 lb. boy

Bridgewater Twp. - A band or gypsies were encamped on the hill above W.E. Tingley's for several days this week. Many of our young people look advantage of this opportunity and had their fortunes told.

New Milford - On Wednesday, the burgess and town council of New Milford appeared before J.S. Courtright, Esq., on a warrant issued by O.C. Whitney, charged with keeping a public nuisance in the shape of borough lockup. The said lockup, located in the immediate vicinity of Mr. Whitney's house, and he denounces it on the grounds that where any person [especially those intoxicated] are placed therein, their profanity and indecent language can be distinctly heard at the residences nearby. His desire is that said lockup shall be removed to a part of the borough where it will not interfere with any private residence. After hearing a number of witnesses, the case was adjourned today, when it will be argued before Esq. Courtright.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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