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April 25 1890/1990

Gibson - Fred Alberts, a first class tinsmith, will work in a shop near Barrett’s Store, every Saturday, as long as people shall bring their tinware to be mended.

New Milford - The "Y’s" will hold a Dairy Maid’s Convention at the Opera House in the very near future. Jackson W.W. Pope makes shingles for $1 per thousand.

Springville - M.N. Seeley, having sold his gristmill to Frank Park, of Niven, is preparing to go west. Mr. Seeley has had the possession of the mill for 14 years. We will be sorry to lose him.

Susquehanna - Oakland side] An Oakland milkman being remonstrated with this morning, by Grand St. met concerning the extremely azure appearance of the fluid which he was ladling out, explained that one of his best cows was accidentally locked out in the storm last night and "must have got wet through."

Susquehanna - Should Be Healthy? It is said that smoke from soft coal has remarkable sanitary effects. The sulphur from the burning coal is a disinfectant. The creosote and its allied products are thrown off with the fumes of bituminous coal, and atmosphere charged with carbonic acid must be freer from disease germs than apparently purer air. AND A Brace For Hannah: Another Pennsylvania couple crossed the border yesterday to escape the red tape of the marriage license law of the Keystone State, and were made one by Justice Hecox. The two happy hearts beat respectively in the bosoms of William Brace and Hannah M. Davis of Plymouth, Pa. [Binghamton Republican]. AND “Ladies Who Bite Thread” says the Philadelphia Record are slowly committing suicide. Most silks are soaked. Ladies who bite thread" says in acetate of lead, which is deadly poison.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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