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April 22 1892/1992

Susquehanna - There was a full program carried out on Easter Day at the Episcopal Church in this place. The Episcopalians are noted for the great interest they manifest in Easter, and the branch of that flourishing denomination in our place showed forth their interest as never before. Space will not allow an extended notice. Suffice to say, the Chants, Glorias, and Easter Hymns were effectively rendered. Holy Communion and Baptism took place at 11 AM, and Evening Prayer at 7:30.

Clifford - Wanted in Clifford, a wagon maker, a physician, a creamery and a better sidewalk from T.J. Wells store to Briggs Felts. AND Mr. N. Spedding was in Montrose last week. Mr. Spedding is the owner of the fine imported Cleveland Bay Stallion, "Ingmanthorp Royalty," which took first premium as a colt at the Royal Show of England and first at all noted shows in England of that year.

Auburn Twp. - The dispute between Washington [Wyoming County] and Auburn townships regarding the case of a pauper, which has been waged for months, still continues with unabated vigor. Either side will probably spend money enough before the matter is settled to support several paupers in luxury for generations.

Herrick Centre - The young ladies of this place treated the gentlemen to warm sugar last Tuesday eve, at the residence of S.O. Churchill. As it was a leap year party, much amusement was afforded. The gentlemen seemed somewhat embarrassed, but the ladies were equal to the occasion and treated their guests with a courtesy that the gentlemen would do well to copy. All united in declaring it the pleasantest evening spent in a long time.

Montrose - Agreeable to the proclamation of Burgess Baker, L.H. Griffis and A.W. Lyons have each placed a notice in their stores to notify their customers that they will not sell any goods on Sunday after this date. The act relating to Sunday selling says that the sale of any and all kinds of merchandise is prohibited on that day; except medicines; though the sale of milk is allowed until 9 AM and after 5 PM To sell any other merchandise on Sunday is punishable by a fine of four dollars for each article sold. Burgess Baker says he doesn't wish to see anyone fined, but he expects all to heed the warning given, and yield a cheerful obedience to a law made for the benefit of all. ~AND~ it is just possible that you'll see electric lights in Montrose within 90 days.

Herrick Twp. [Lyon Street] - The prospect for a new creamery is quite flattering. Mr. Lott says he means to have one erected on the site of the old one, some time in the future. We Lyon Streeters will be with you, Mr. Lott.

Union Dale - Ira Avery, Susie and Ruth Burret, are ill with typhoid fever. Dr. Grander is attending them.

Harford - Dr. W.J. Lowry was in Montrose on Wednesday and Thursday last as a witness in the suit of Silas Sterling vs. Harford Township and by his clear, intelligent testimony under the cross examination of opposing counsel, acquitted himself in a highly creditable manner, and made a pleasing impression on the audience.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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