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April 17 1891/1991

Montrose - Friday evening was the opening of the ice cream season at R.B. Stroud's cafe on South Main Street, and a large number of people visited that popular resort and enjoyed the delicious cream for which the Binghamton firm of Smith & Sherwood have become celebrated. Mr. Stroud carries a fine stock of goods, consisting of Confectionery, Fruits, Bread, Cake, Canned Goods. Berries, Vegetables and Oysters in season, delivering goods promptly to patrons in all parts of the borough. AND An old subscriber predicts that the coming summer will be a hot one. He says that when the sun crossed the line south winds prevailed, and observation for many years has taught him that this is a sure indication of the weather for the next six months.

Susquehanna - A case between two old gentlemen of our borough was settled on the street, on Wednesday, April 8, after failing to do so for over a year. The two gentlemen met each Other and a passerby was called to decide the case, which he did, "that the party split the difference, and shake hands." Much time, trouble, and lawyer’s fees were probably saved thereby.

Silver Lake - Not much money in western sheep so says Lawrence McCabe, and not much wool says Mahoney Bros. Would like to hear from the agent of those sheep.

Birchardville - William, Charles, John and George Slatter, better known as the "Slatter Boys" [all bachelors] have made 500 pounds of maple sugar and have syrup enough on hand for about 300 pounds more. With so much sweet in the family, it seems as though one or more of them ought to commit matrimony.

Forest City - Four pupils from our school took the "teachers" examination, held at Union Dale. All received certificates. One was a boy of but 13 who made an average of 70 percent.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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