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April 11 1913/2013

Rush - The stage, operated by Light Bros., between Rushville and Montrose, has the distinction of being the first stage in the county—and in the world, so far as we know—that has electric lamps. This ingenious arrangement was contrived by Electrician Floyd McCain, of Rush, who equipped the stage with the lights and they are of great practical value to the stage drivers. Electricity is supplied from storage batteries, and these batteries can be re-charged at Rush’s up--to--date electric plant. Light Bros. have been operating the stage for the 30 mile trip daily, except Sunday. They start from Rushville at 6 in the morning and, as they do not complete their trip until 9 in the evening, good lights are desirable. They state the roads this spring have been the worst they ever experienced and frequently they did not reach the end of their trip until 10:15 in the evening.

Montrose - J. C. VanCampen’s furniture and undertaking establishment is now located in the easterly half of Dessauer block on Church street. The ground floor is occupied by the large and well lighted display room which is stocked with an excellent line of furniture of the latest design. The basement is utilized as a storeroom and cabinet--making and repair shop, which Mr. VanCampen runs in conjunction with his furniture business. Mr. VanCampen expects his new funeral car to arrive in a few days. ALSO: A song service, to which the public is invited, has been announced to be held next Sunday evening in the A. M. E. Zion church at 7:30. A number of old--time hymns will be rendered.

Gibson - Herbert B. Huften is another breeder of Indian Runner ducks who is proud of the accomplishments of his pen, although he only has two ducks and a drake at present. Mr. Hufton writes that he got his first egg from the ducks on January 21 and up to April 1, he had gathered 109 eggs. With such results in front of him as the work of two ducks, it is safe to say that Mr. Huften will have a larger flock in another year.

Franklin Forks - The Band will hold a warm sugar social in Alliance Hall, this evening, April 11.

Gelatt - George Page raised the frame of his new barn last Friday. It is 30 ft. wide and 100 ft. long. T. Koup and his men are doing the carpenter work. The Grange furnished dinner.

Brookdale - Anna Dolan closed a very successful term of school at Mountain Valley on Thursday. She will go to Mansfield Normal for the spring term.

Brooklyn - C. A. Rozell, the well known huckster, was in Montrose Saturday. Mr. Rozell has one of the finest vegetable farms in the county, and articles from his pen and illustrations of his farm have lately appeared in the “Practical Farmer,” winning prizes offered by that publication. The articles were not only entertaining, but possessed many practical hints to growers of small produce.

Susquehanna - We have a pastor in Rev. R. M. Pascoe, of the Methodist church, who gives his congregations “down--to--the-- minute” sermons. Sunday evening he preached on the subject of “The Passing of J. P. Morgan.”

Choconut - The dance and supper at the Choconut Valley Inn, on the evening of March 28, was a successful affair and was attended by a large number of the people here--about, as well as from Montrose, Little Meadows, Silver Lake, Friendsville, St. Joseph, Forest Lake, Birchardville, Middletown, Apolacon, Tracy Creek, Union Endicott, Lestershire, Vestal Center and Binghamton. All persons were highly pleased with the courtesy and generosity of McCahill Bros. And, coffee was served in motto steins.

Lawsville - Mrs. Rebecca Stanford was pleasantly surprised by about 50 friends, on the 80th anniversary of her birth. Leonard Bailey, who was 67 on the same day, was present. He received 62 birthday cards and Aunt Becky received 92, besides aprons, neckwear, handkerchiefs, and $4.85 in money. Mrs. Effie Ingraham composed the following prose poem: “There’s a dear little lady down under the hill, she lives all alone, and a few of her friends have come today to visit her at her home. Yes, we have come to celebrate her 80th new birthday, and you would hardly think it, for her hair is but little gray. And here’s her neighbor, Leonard, he has a birthday, too—he only lacks 13 years of being a twin with you. I remember, when a child, of coming with mother one night, we stayed to tea and it seems to me we ate by candle light. Dear Aunt Becky, you have climbed a hill—now going down another; to us who have known you all our lives, you’ve been a dear, kind mother. Yes, you are 80 years new today, and from everyone who’s come we wish you joy and happiness till you are 81.”

Burnwood - Francis Cottrell went fishing Friday night for bullheads, but reports nothing doing.

Welsh Hill, Clifford Twp. - Miss Goldie Clark, of this place, and Harold Woodard, of South Gibson, were united in marriage at Forest City on Wednesday of last week. ALSO In Clifford, the creamery and skimming stations in this vicinity are now receiving milk and churning every other day. The churning station is located at this place and has skimming stations at Amasa, Lenoxville, West Clifford and Elkdale, the cream from which is all churned here. E. E. Finn is the general manager, whose business qualifications are of the first order.

Kingsley - The Ladies’ Minstrel show, recently given at Hopbottom, will be presented at the Universalist church here, Friday evening, April 18. This is one of the finest entertainments ever given in this neighborhood.

Lynn - We are having another touch of winter, the ground being covered with snow.

Jackson - The spinster’s convention, given by the ladies of the M. E. church at Robert’s Hall, last Friday evening, was well attended considering the stormy night, and was very much enjoyed by all who attended.

Forest City - Albert, the son of S. E. Lott, a former resident, is making his mark in the musical world. At a recent recital of the pupils of The Brain School of Music, the “Pottstown Journal” says:” “A violin solo concerto, played by a little fellow, Albert Lott, opened the eyes of the audience with his amazing technique and double stopping. A great deal is expected of Master Lott.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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