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April 10 1914/2014

Shannon Hill (Auburn Twp.) – Elmer Dunlap, one of our popular young men, was married on Tuesday to Miss Martha LaRue, of Rush, at the home of the bride, by Rev. Fosle. At the same time and place, Hazel LaRue and Harry Reimel were married. Mr. Dunlap and wife will spend their honeymoon at Rochester with his sister, Mrs. Leslie Conrad, and Mr. Reimel and wife will go to Philadelphia to visit relatives.

Elk Lake – P. B. Linaberry left his team standing in front of Tanner’s and they became frightened and ran away to the Caton cottage, where they were stopped by John Arnold.

Harford – Paul Stevens and Donald Hooven, assisted by Mitchell Hoovan, gave a magic lantern entertainment in the school house Monday night.

Flynn – The old saying that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb was fully verified this spring.

Kingsley – At the earnest request of the public, the U. P. C. U. of the Universalist church will repeat the drama, “Aunt Jerusha’s Quilting Party,” on Tuesday evening, April 14. Many new features will make up the program. Mrs. Geo. Terry, of Brooklyn, will give an illustrated poem by Jean Ingelow, “The Songs of Seven.”  Admission 25 and 15 cents.

Oakley – Chicken thieves visited Naomi Tingley’s farm, Sunday night, walking off with four choice fowls.

Susquehanna – Many of the town people went up the new State road by the river to see the high water.  Heretofore this was impossible, as the old road would be under water. ALSO Joseph Towner will be the steward for the poor farm the coming year.

Montrose – Photographer L. G. Titman has been having considerable success in taking pictures by the means of electric lights, having installed lamps that give about 2,500 candlepower at his studio. It is possible to take photographs at any time of the day or night with this equipment, which has attracted many who have found no time to come when Old Sol is shining his best.

Heart Lake – The Heart Lake Resort has been purchased by Mack & Jenkins, proprietors of The Subway Lunch, the deal being finished up the first of the week. Thereby, F. T. Mack and Z. D. Jenkins become sole owners and proprietors of this popular summer amusement place. The purchase price is not made public but the deal involves several thousand dollars. We understand they intend making numerous improvements this season and more during the fall or early next season. The tract of land takes up about eight acres of the most valuable land about the lake, with about 500 feet of water front, and the resort includes a merry-go-round, boarding house, dance hall, store, boat livery, naphtha launch, ball ground, picnic grounds and a large barn. Their opening dance at the lake will be held May 30, and they are now making plans for the annual “ever glorious 4th of July” celebrations. The young owners will continue to run The Subway Lunch on Public Avenue in Montrose, as in the past Mr. Mack will manage the Resort as heretofore, and Mr. Jenkins will remain in charge of The Subway.

Gibson – Our school will close its work Friday, April 3, and at this time three girls—Pauline Hill, Helen Low and Thelma Tompkins will graduate. Supt. James A. Coughlin, of Wilkes-Barre, will deliver the commencement address. The public is cordially invited; admission free. ALSO Wednesday evening last, the many friends of Frank Shepherdson made him a birthday surprise. The going was bad, but a large number were present. One party changed vehicles three times—part of the way on sleighs, then on wagons, and finished up on foot.

Brooklyn – Quite a large number of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. Wm. Gillespie recently, giving her a surprise and sewed her carpet rags. A fine dinner was served. ALSO The Orchard Co. men have finished trimming the Ely orchard and are now trimming on the Austin orchard.

Lynn – All persons having books belonging to the free library will please return them, as they will be sent away Monday next and a new supply received. ALSO Garney Smith has taken possession of the C. L. Berry farm which he has leased for a year. The only one thing needful now is the housekeeper, which rumor says will be along as soon as the roads get settled although we don’t hear Garney say much about it.

Birchardville – Special Easter services will be held at the church Sunday morning next, consisting of new Easter music by the choir and Sunday school and recitations, exercises and readings by the children and young people. All who can loan plants or flowers for the occasion are kindly requested to do so.  There will be other decorations and also Easter badges for those who may not have them. An Easter offering for missions will be taken. A delegation of young people and children will be taken to Rush in the afternoon to repeat the program in the Baptist church.

Lathrop – A very valuable team, wagons, three sets of harness, blankets, etc., stolen from J. P. McKeon, the night of March 25, were located by Detective M. A. Rafter, of Scranton, who was assigned to the case last week, at Canadensis, near Stroudsburg, and are now in the owner’s possession. Detective Rafter and Mr.McKeon were in Stroudsburg Thursday, getting out a warrant for the thief, who, as yet, has not been found, and his brother, at whose place the stolen property was found, for receiving stolen goods.

Choconut – An Easter dance will be given by McCahill Bros., at Choconut Valley Inn, Friday evening, April 17th. Good music has been provided for this occasion and an enjoyable time anticipated, as usual. The McCahill’s are royal entertainers.

Uniondale – H. H. Howard, the proprietor of the temperance house, harvested a crop of ice 15” thick last week.

Snake Creek – B. L. Bailey has lumber on the ground for a new house, also the cellar dug and walled up. ALSO Ray Caswell and family, of Coneoght, Ohio, are to locate on the Caswell farm this spring.

Friendsville – The people of our town are very sorry to lose one of our farmer friends, Jos. Crowley.

New Milford – Charles Walker, proprietor of the Walker House, has been served with papers by the Constable of the town on a charge of violating the liquor licenses. Walker has been accused by the ministers of the town of selling liquor to minors, violating the Sunday law, and keeping a disorderly house.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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