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April 08 1921/2021

Forest City – The Forest City Ice Co. sports a new Reo delivery truck. Old Jehu has nothing on Will Sredenschek as a driver. Will says, now that the firm has a new truck, deliveries will be made promptly and no waiting for the ice wagon. ALSO The Strollers will hold their first annual dance in the borough hall tomorrow evening and the event is looked forward to with great pleasure by the large number who have extended invitations. The “Ten Sirens” orchestra, of Scranton, will furnish music for the occasion. Jack Gallagher, the song artist, will feature. ALSO J. A. Holt, the pave contractor, has a force of men at work quarrying stone near the Stillwater bridge, and states he will soon start laying brick on South Main street. It is to be hoped that the work will be rushed to an early completion. South Main Street, after being torn up, proved to be the worst piece of road in 48 states and was anathematized by everyone having occasion to pass that way. We will be of good cheer and hope for the best.

Uniondale – Ray Lee has purchased land of Charles Gibson on which he is planning to erect a substantial bungalow. It is a sightly site, commanding a view not only of Lewis Lake, but of Elk Hill and the country adjacent. ALSO Guy Howell will soon move to the “Nebraska” section of Clifford township where he intends to run Johns’ boarding house. Mr. Johns will finish lumbering in that section in about three months.

Montrose – Schools of Susquehanna County are contributing for the traveling libraries and have already passed the $800 mark. Clifford Township leads with a contribution of nearly $100. [Susquehanna County was the first in the State to offer a traveling library and to this day the van still travels.]

Kingsley – The farmers here who draw their milk to Hopbottom, over the old Milford and Owego turnpike, learning that the supervisors had been instructed to put no work on it, decided to work it themselves, so five men with tractor, road machine, two spans of horses and road drag, tore up the road on Saturday of last week, and all hope to soon have a road fit for travel.

Brookdale – On account of the bad roads several from here who work in Binghamton were unable to make their daily trips last week.

Susquehanna – The people paid tribute to the return of the body of Earl B. Wheeler from France, where he was killed in action, by large crowds that lined the streets as the casket was conveyed from the Erie depot to the home of his parents at Lanesboro. The Erie band headed the procession, the casket draped in the colors following and many of the World War veterans, also a few of the G. A. R. heroes, were in line. The places of business were closed, flags were at half-mast and business was practically suspended for half an hour. The body remained at the home of his parents until the funeral on Thursday, which was held in the Lanesboro Methodist Church, Rev. C. C. Walker, pastor of the Baptist Church, officiating. Burial in the Lanesboro Cemetery. ALSO This town has a just right to be proud of its athletic young people in their different victories over other teams. Our base ball team won the Erie championship last fall. We have the champion girls’ basket ball team, as well as the champion team of the Inter-State basket ball league, which is a remarkable showing and Susquehanna people are justly proud of it.

Springville – Byron Oakley died at his home at Strickland Hill, after a brief illness, on Sunday morning, March 20, 1921, aged 73 years. Mr. Oakley, when but a boy of 17 years, enlisted in the Civil War and served his country until the close of the war. He was honorably discharged on June 22, 1865, at Raleigh, N. C. He is survived by his wife, four sons, one daughter and fifteen grandchildren. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Jones at the Strickland Hill church. Burial in Strickland Hill cemetery. [He was a member of Co. C, 203 Regiment Penna. Volunteers.]

Lakeview – School closed on Thursday with a very pleasing entertainment. The children showed that they had been well drilled and all did fine. The graduating class consisted of two boys, Edwin Burchall and Floyd Wellman. The next in interest was an honor class of five boys and three girls who were presented with perfect attendance certificates, not having missed a day through the term. One girl, Frances Daniels, had not been late. There was a good attendance considering the hard storm.

Liberty Twp. – The autoists keep F. B. Travis busy drawing their cars out of the mud hole near Lawsville on the good State road.

Jackson – Mrs. W. W. Pope and daughter, Miss Grace, are living in a part of Mrs. Lewis’ house until their new home, which will be constructed on the old hotel property, is completed.

Rushville – F. C. Williams was the successful bidder for the stage route between Montrose and Rushville, which for the past eight years has been operated by the Owens Bros. Mr. Williams has purchased a property at Rushville where he will take up his residence this month. At the expiration of the Owen Brothers’ contract in July, Thomas Owen intends going to Montrose to take a position in the Catlin garage.

Court House News: Former Sheriff H. E. Taylor, who is engaged in securing all pictures possible of Susquehanna County’s sheriffs, has lately been able to secure pictures of Austin Howell and John Young. Mr. Howell was the second sheriff of the county. He lacks eight pictures to make the line of succession complete and is hopeful that he may secure them all. Those pictures which are now lacking are: Edward Fuller, Samuel Gregory, P. Stephens, Charles Chandler, J. Williams, William Hartley, and E. V, Green. [The framed photographs of the sheriffs is hanging in the new lobby of the Court House. There are still a few photographs missing.]

News Brief: Wyoming Seminary may be enlarged or a new Christian college constructed somewhere in the territory of Wyoming Conference, as a result of a movement inaugurated during one of the business sessions of the conference, following the reading of the report from the trustees of the Seminary.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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