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February 17 1911

Fairdale - The Ladies' Aid will hold an apron sale and chicken pie supper in the basement of the M.E. church, Wednesday evening, Feb. 22, to which all have a cordial invitation. Price of supper, 25 cents. Proceeds to apply to pastor's salary.

Kingsley - The Kingsley Book Club met with Mrs. E.E. Titus on Friday. After a bountiful dinner the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: president Mrs. Clara Masters; vice president, Mrs. Carrie Tiffany; sec. and treas., Mrs. Belle Tiffany. The club consists of 24 members.

Lindaville, Brooklyn Twp - Mrs. Will White entertained the Ladies Aid Society last Wednesday and although the day was rather stormy, 30 took dinner and 37 pounds of carpet rags were sewed. The Society received $4.05.

Transue - Lincoln's birthday was observed in our school last Friday by recitations, songs and a debate, "Which was the greater man -- Lincoln or Washington?" Minnie Harned and Nina Durling took the affirmative and Lester Barnes and Harry Brotzman the negative. Both sides were discussed and ended in a draw.

South New Milford - Relatives and friends made Watson Brainard a surprise party on his birthday last week. A present of a fine chair was made him. ALSO Charles Darrow is in very poor health. He expects to move on the poor farm March 1. Guy Lewis who has been there for the past two years, has accepted a position in New Jersey.

Little Meadows - Teresa Shaughnessy, of this village, and Frederick Spencer, of Port Crane, NY, were united din marrieage by Rev. J.J. O'Malley, at high noon, Feb 8. The young couple were given a lively serenade Saturday evening, and Mr. Spencer responded by treating the boys to a good smoke.

Brookdale - Mr. and Mrs. Shelp, who have been managers of the Orphans' home for the past few years, left for their new home last week.

Silver Lake - A very large crop of ice has been harvested, with the ice 16 inches thick.

Fowler Hill, Auburn Twp - The team belonging to J.W. Devine ran away on Tuesday last. They were stopped at George Wooten's, no serious damage being done.

Royal, Clifford Twp - Joel Truesdell, formerly of Lenox who married Amanda Weaver, of Clifford, and moved west several years ago, has a son and daughter who are now visiting their aunt, Arvilla Wells, of this place this week.

Sankey - There was a quiet hop at James McGavin's on Friday evening, Feb. 10th.

Jackson - The Jackson Dramatic Society will present "The Corner Store," at Roberts' Opera House, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Feb. 21 and 22.

Dimock - A birthday party was given T.B. Williams on Saturday, Feb. 11th, it being his 88th birthday. Several of the oldest men were invited and a good dinner was served to all present.

Flynn - The young ladies here are somewhat like the republics of South America, as there is likelihood of an uprising at any moment. Some of them think that anything is fair in love or war, and there are some who cannot see it that way, so there is liable to be some hair pulling at least.

Great Bend - Citizens of Great Bend fear the ice gorge near that place, and are taking up a subscription with which to buy 500 pounds of dynamite to break the gorge.

Montrose - A rumor with some foundation is current that McKeage Bros. foundry may be re-located near the old Lehigh Valley station, which is conveniently located for shipping near the two railroad lines. The growing business of the plant necessitates some such arrangement, although Mr. McKeage informs us that it will probably not take place for a year or two, and even this plan may not be adopted.

"50,000,000 For Good Roads." Senator Sproul has introduced a bill in the legislature which has the approval of the governor, and which if carried out will make this State a model for good roads. It asks for an amendment to the constitution in order to borrow $50,000,000 to commence the work. Every county seat in the State will be connected by the highway. The tentative route as mapped out would affect this county as follows: From Scranton to Montrose -- commencing at a point on the boundary line of Scranton and running by way of Clark's Summit, Glenburn and LaPlume to a point on the dividing line between Lackawanna and Wyoming counties; thence by way of Factoryville and Nicholson to a point on the dividing line between Wyoming and Susquehanna counties into Montrose. From Montrose it will follow along Snake creek to the border line between Susquehanna co. and New York State. From Tunkhannock to Montrose -- Commencing in Tunkhannock and running by way of Avery to a point on the dividing line between Wyoming and Susquehanna counties; thence by way of Springville into Montrose. From Towanda to Montrose -- Commencing in Towanda; thence running by way of South Hill and LeRaysville to a point on the dividing line between Bradford and Susquehanna counties; thence by way of Rushville to Montrose.

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