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April 03 1908

Forest City - William Pentecost, of Prompton [Wayne County], was a visitor here today. Mr. Pentecost at one time had large lumber interests here and the town was in fact known by the name of Pentecost for some years. He carries his years well. AND The Drum Corps has reorganized again and will appear in grand old style at the fair to be held by the Enterprise Hose company.

Gelatt - C.J. Gelatt and wife and two small children started for Susquehanna Friday, and when near A.W. Conrad's the wagon caught in a bad place in a sluice and broke the whiffletree; the horses ran away, but no one was hurt, although the wagon was badly damaged.

Lenox - Lenox Grange No. 931 will have a debate at its next regular meeting, April 4. The question is, "Resolved, that we learn more from observation than from books." Members are urged to attend. AND Mrs. Walter Ransom is said to be somewhat better, but is still dangerously ill with but slight hopes of her recovery.

Brooklyn - H.A. Tewksbury has one of the finest and pleasantest sugar camps in this vicinity, situated about a half mile west of the village. One day last week he made 11 gallons of syrup, weighing 12 1/2 lbs per gallon, in 8 hours boiling. AND Dr. A.J. Ainey is kept on the road most of the time to attend to his large practice. For the past 40 years Dr. Ainey has been located in Brooklyn and in that time has built up a reputation and practice second to none in the country, and now, when he would gladly take his well earned rest the duties multiply.

Great Bend - Burns & Crosier, of Thompson, are putting in a new style of gasoline lamp in the W.J. Day block on Main street.

Montrose - The Beach foundry, conducted by H.W. Beach has been sold to B.F. McKeage, Jr. and J.R. McKeage, of Chicago, sons of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. McKeage, of this place. The sale was consummated yesterday afternoon, but negotiations had been in progress for some time. It is the intention of the new management to take over the plant in the very near future, enlarge and improve it and expand the business. The output of the foundry consists largely of the Beach sawing machinery, which is widely known on this continent, as well as in foreign countries, considerable being exported. It is understood Mr. Beach has received other good offers from parties who wished to remove the works, but waived them aside in favor of those who would keep this industry employing some thirty men, in Montrose.

Clifford - This is the hottest political campaign seen this "neck o' the woods" in some time. The people are going to vote the way they feel and nominate the men they want, and don't you forget it. Clifford has not been represented at the county capital in many years, but now we come forward and present one of her sons, W.G. Morgan for county treasurer. Mr. Morgan has a good record as collector of taxes for 17 successive years, with a full settlement on auditing day every year. This is surely a good recommend for him as the custodian of the county's finances for a term of three year. Then just notice another aspirant for office - T.J. Davies for president judge - who is also one of Clifford's sons. T.J. will get many votes from his old associates and friends in his home town and will do honor to the county if elected to the office which he seeks.

Friendsville - T.V. Byrne was the successful aspirant for R.F.D. honors at the recent examination - 97 percent. He will take charge of Route No. 1 from this place April 1.

Uniondale - L.P. Norton is having his buggy newly painted. He thinks it is going to be a shiner. Glen Tennant is handling the brush. Mr. Tennant has done the same thing on Newton Corey's buggy. We think his horse sees the difference, the way it prances.

Forest Lake - Birdsall Bros. are doing a hustling business, cutting wood with their new machine.

Auburn Four Corners - A number from this place attended the commencement exercises at Auburn Center on Wednesday evening. Two of our popular young people, Miss Hazel Smith and Tracy Bushnell, were among the graduates. At Shannon Hill, Susie Swackamer closed her term of school and Bessie Shannon closed one at Bennett Corners the same day.

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