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September 23 1892/1992

Montrose - One of the oddest industries in the State is a butterfly farm near Montrose. Frederick Newhart, who is a man 60 years old, has at least eighty thousand butterflies. He has a quarter of an acre of ground enclosed with a fine wire netting eight feet high. This is one huge flower bed, with patches of grass here and there, and several large pools of shallow water with wide muddy edges. Here the great army of bright winged butterflies are kept. There are many varieties, probably fifty different kinds. In one corner of the garden is a huge glass house for winter quarters. Newhart lives alone and, having considerable property, keeps butterflies as a mere fad.

Susquehanna - Geo. Albee, of this place, has been granted letters of patent upon a valuable invention an arc-lamp-hanger, which does away with the lamp hanging on a rope. AND Some tale bearer had the town crazy on Wednesday night by reporting that there was a case of cholera in our midst. It was absolutely false.

Lynn - Ray Greenwood can be seen daily riding Jerry's horse on the streets. By the way, he is a good rider for a little boy. AND several wells and springs in this place are nearly dry, owing to the long, continued dry weather.

East Rush - Miss Pemberton, of the Children's Aid Society, of Philadelphia, has been looking alter the children in this place. She also has another little boy baby with her, trying to secure a home for him.

Rush - The first patch of cabbages in this vicinity may be seen on the poorhouse farm; there being 595 of the largest and heaviest heads. AND George Harvey made a trip to Wilkes-Barre to visit his grandson, Willie Alien. It was his first trip down the Valley, and since his return he tells a very interesting story of his trip. Willie took him to sec all the novelties, including rides over the mountains, rides on the river, the Scranton State Fair, the electric lights and electric cars, the coal industry, the mountains of culms and the sunken earth. The aspect of natural objects all filled him with wonder and delight. The old gentleman says "its the best trip I ever took."

Thompson -Potter & Pope have moved into this place and started a meat market. It is just what we needed. They will also run a meat wagon. We wish them success in their undertaking.

News Briefs - An enterprising individual has bid 120,000 for the exclusive privilege of selling peanuts at the World's Fair. It is about time for somebody to arise, and remark that we are going to have a hard winter because the robins have already gone South.

Scranton - Scranton is to have a crematory for the destroying of the garbage and refuse of the city. A plot of ground has been purchased for the building.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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