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September 13 1912/2012

Elk Lake - During the thunder shower last Thursday lightning struck F. D. Morris’ cottage. The bolt entered at the rear of the cottage, charring the wood. Strangest of all a splinter, a foot long, was driven through a 2” plank. The bolt grounded about 6” from an oil stove, cutting a space 24 sq. ft. through the kitchen floor. Dishes and utensils were scattered promiscuously about, while a box of matches remained untouched.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - After the long summer, with the large number of city people who spend part of their vacation here, the only thing of any importance that happened was one engagement. ALSO: Our schools are all open, with a very light attendance, some as low as three scholars, making it pretty expensive to educate our children, but the money is gotten easy and the teachers are getting more than they could be hired for. I know we could get the same teachers for $30 per month just as well.

Forest Lake - John E. Flynn and Morris Baker are attending the Montrose High School.

Brooklyn - Brooklyn township was thrown into deep sorrow Sunday when the report that one of its young men had met a sad and untimely death by drowning. Arthur Rozelle, the 16 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Rozelle, of Rozedale Gardens, near Brooklyn, lost his life in the Meshoppen Creek when he went swimming to cool off after a long bicycle ride. The boy went swimming against the advice of his cousin, Ray Snyder, who pleaded with him to keep out of the water least he take a cramp because of his overheated condition. Young Rozelle insisted on the swim and jumped in the creek in a deep spot. He sank immediately and did not come to the surface. An hour later searchers recovered the body. The Rozelle boy often accompanied his father to Montrose on business trips, and his bright, manly ways had endeared him to all of Mr. Rozelle’s customers, who found him gentlemanly and accommodating.

Hop Bottom - George Miller, an aged veteran of the Civil War and a resident of this village, was instantly killed on the Lackawanna tracks by a light engine early Saturday. The accident occurred in front of the Foster House. Mr. Gardner was troubled with deafness and evidently did not hear the approach of the locomotive. He served with Co. B, 1st Delaware Regiment and was discharged 16 July 1865. He was 67 years of age.

Gelatt - Reunions are on hand. There were over 100 who attended the Gelatt reunion, at Whitmarsh Hall and over 100 attended the Pickering reunion at the Grange Hall. Monroe Walker and family and Geo. Barnes and family attended the Walker reunion at Alvey Corey’s, Elk Mountain. Eugene and Edward Gelatt and their families attended the Miller reunion at Daniel Foster’s at Lake Sido. Amos Avery and family attended the Beaumont reunion at Thomas Avery’s in Burnwood.

Lake View - The Ladies’ Aid held a church fair last Friday on the church lawn. A very fine chicken dinner was served and a good crowd attended. In the evening a cantata was rendered under the direction of Prof. Sophia.

Forest City - Ike Joseph’s, leading clothier and shoe dealer, has men’s fine tailored suits for the fall. The prices of our suits for men and young men range from $4.98 to $25.00. Ralston and Crossett shoes range from $4.00 to $4.50. Ladies shoes of all kinds, high or low cut are 98 cents to $4.00. School shoes for boys and girls in heavy box calf, gun metal, vici kid, from 89 cents to $1.75. School bag with each pair free. Men’s work shoes, heavy and durable, 98 cents.

Thompson - The ball game between the Thompson nine and Pleasant Mount boys was not finished last Saturday, as the Pleasant Mount boys were not willing to abide by the umpire’s decision. What’s the use of an umpire? ALSO: Abdel Fatah expects to open a store in Uncle Tommy’s [Walker’s] building the first of October. He will sell ready made clothing and dry goods.

Uniondale - The counties of Wayne, Wyoming and Susquehanna comprise the great Tri-County Agricultural Association, held on the borders of each county, near Uniondale. So fellow citizens and exhibitors, this is to be your fair, and the officers have set October 7, 8 and 9, as being the three biggest days of your life. The horses are expected to be in fine shape for the races each day. A balloon ascension and parachute drop and a merry-go-round will be enjoyed by the children, from the age of 2 to 80 years. So, people, don’t forget the dates, October 7, 8 and 9.

Montrose - A better house for the purpose, or a better location for a summer hotel, could hardly be found anywhere than in Mr. Anthony’s fine home on Lake Avenue, which has been recently opened as “Shadow Lawn Inn.” The grounds are spacious, the rooms are many and large, the view is delightful, with the grounds well kept and beautiful flowers in profusion. Mr. Anthony, in opening this house to the public, is doing a public spirited thing, and we trust that the patronage may be liberal. It is especially delightful place for touring automobile parties. ALSO: James E. Passmore, who is employed with the Thompson Marble Works in Cortland, NY, has been called here by Mrs. T. C. Allen to do some special fine work in lettering at the Allen marble shop. He will cut and letter after the latest pattern, beautiful monuments for the following—Myron Kasson, of Scranton, Ernest Smith, of Springville, Mrs. White, of Laurel Lake, Mrs. McMename, of Jersey Hill, and others. Mr. Passmore is considered to be one of the best marble cutters that ever came to Montrose, and for six years prior to Mr. Allen’s death, he had been a faithful workman in his employ. Mr. Passmore expects to return to Cortland at the completion of the work.

Springville - Eli Barber had the misfortune to lose his only horse last Saturday. He was at Brown & Fassett’s mill when without any warning the horse dropped dead.

Clifford - Frank Gardner and Miss Lillian Titsworth, of Montrose, called on the former’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Bennett, last Friday afternoon. They made the trip in Dr. Gardner’s car, intending to return that night, but alas! while coming down the hill near Royal a rear axle snapped and they arrived in Montrose Sunday evening about six.

Harford - Miss May Tiffany has entered the Dr. Burns hospital in Scranton to take a course in training for a nurse. ALSO: Miss Jennie Shannon, of St. Louis, is visiting friends in this place.

New Milford - Samuel and Edward Bertholf, Theo. Shay and Nat Burdick made a fishing trip to Morris pond Monday. They did not make much of an impression on the piscatorial record.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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