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September 1 1893/1993

Montrose - On Monday, a charter was granted to "The Consumers' Water Company," of Montrose: capital stock, $40,000. Tuesday evening Aitken & Co. arrived in Montrose to complete arrangements with the Borough Council. After two or three consultations a contract satisfactory to all parties was drawn up, and all papers will be signed as soon as the company' s seal is ready. Work will be commenced at once, and the principal mains laid before winter. Thus it will be seen that unless some totally unlocked for circumstance occurs, Montrose will soon have a bountiful supply of water.

Heart Lake - The Prohibitionists of Susquehanna Co. will hold a mass meeting at Heart Lake on Thursday next. Rev. Mr. Bennett will address the meeting at 11 a.m. Excursion rates on DL&W and L&M RR.

Dimock - It is said that never in the history of the Dimock camp meeting have better or more profitable sessions been enjoyed than those of the week, which closed last Thursday. The conversions will run between one and two hundred, and the influence for good thus set in motion will touch the shores of eternity itself.

Susquehanna - The billiard parlors of W.J. Healey, in the Hogan Block, Main Street, was opened to the public on Saturday evening. The rooms have been renovated and improved and everything is first-class throughout. No loafers or bummers are allowed, as Mr. Healey will conduct the place on strictly first-class principles. AND The well known St. Bernard, "Old Jack," the property of John Graham, died from old age during the week. He was a clever dog and much admired.

Jackson - George Milligan received the sad news on the 29th of the death of Mrs. Smiley, relict of the late John Smiley, who died in Denver, Col. The remains will be brought to Smiley for interment and will reach there about the middle of the week. Mr. Smiley was 79 years old, the last of a large family except one, a brother, Thomas Day, living in Herrick. Mrs. Smiley was a daughter of the late Dr. Day, who fifty years ago or more, kept a hotel four miles from Smiley, toward Mount Pleasant.

South Gibson -By the way, we would like to tender a little advice to those two young ladies, who were so cunning as to look through the blinds of a neighbors parlor window to find what they could see, one Sunday evening a short time ago. Look around a little sharper next time and see if the coast is clear.

Brooklyn - Last Tuesday evening Mr. Ira Pratt, aged about 19 years, and Miss Dora Richards aged 18, started for the State of New York, reaching Conklin about 3 o'clock in the morning. They soon found a person authorized to tie the matrimonial knot and make two anxious souls happy. The joyous pair then returned to this place and are now enjoying the honeymoon, keeping an eye out for breakers, hoping that the flag of peace may be unfurled and they be invited home.

Lenoxville - A band of horsemen was located at this place last week, for the purpose of trading horses. Good trades and poor ones were made. It is best to look out for such fellows.

Lawsville - There is an oil pipeline and telegraph about to be put through Lawsville. Now give us a railroad, please.

Great Bend - It is related by the Leader that a certain resident of Great Bend, who took offense at something, which appeared in the paper, personally referring to himself, applied to a lawyer to know how to "break up the paper." He was advised to buy it, and run it three months, and paid $2 for the advice. [Susquehanna Journal]

Susquehanna County - Seven Susquehanna county boys will enter Wesleyan University this fall, to wit: A.E. Osborn, Lathrop; A.H. Gavitt, Springville; G.C. Page, New Milford; D.J. Lindley, Lathrop; J.H. Fuller, Lenox; E.E. Brooks, New Milford; G.U. Sanford, Gibson. All of these young men graduated from Wyoming Seminary this year.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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