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September 02 1892/1992

Montrose - A new series of postage stamps in commemoration of the discovery of America will soon be issued. They will bear various designs all, however, representing a historic character or some incident in the life of Christopher Columbus. AND Augustus H. Knoll and Harry W. Beach gave an exhibition of fancy bicycle riding near the Boyd Block on Church Street, on Friday evening.

Springville- The graded school will open on Monday, Sept. 5th, with Prof. S.J. Adams as principal and Miss Mollie Waklee teacher of the preparatory department. Prof. Adams comes to us well recommended, he has taught three years at New Milford where he has met with good success, we have every prospect of a good school which by the way will be free to all living in the town, and to those living out of the town the terms for the primary school, $1.00, Intermediate, $1.25, High School, $1.50. We hope that many will avail themselves of the opportunity here offered, to receive good instructions and we hope to have a large attendance.

Susquehanna County - Seven Susquehanna county boys will enter Wesleyan University this fall, to wit: A.E. Osborne, Lathrop; A.H. Gavitt, Springville; G.C. Page, New Milford; Lindley, Lathrop; J.H. Fuller, Lenox; E.E. Brooks, New Milford; G.U. Sanford, Gibson. All of these young men graduated from Wyoming Seminary this year.

South Gibson - Frank B. Reynolds has gone to Wyoming Seminary That seems to be the favorite institution for the intelligent young people of our town. AND By the way, we would like to tender a little advice to those young ladies, who were so cunning as to look through the blinds of a neighbor's parlor window to find out what they could see one Sunday evening a short time ago. Look around a little sharper next time and see if the coast is clear. Better stay home with mamma. "Run a little faster, do dear."

Brooklyn - Last Tuesday evening Mr. Ira Pratt, aged about 19 years, and Miss Dora Richards aged IX, started for the state of New York, reaching Conklin about 3 o'clock in the morning. They soon found a person authorized to tic the matrimonial knot and make two anxious souls happy. The joyous pair then returned to this place and are now enjoying the honeymoon, keeping an eye out for breakers, hoping that the flag of peace may be unfurled and they be invited home.

Lathrop - There are many fishermen seen wandering their way toward Tarbol pond, trout all points of the compass. Some report good luck.

Lenoxville - The picnic over to Snyders' on the 25th passed off very nicely. The children were well pleased and all present enjoyed the speech very much, which was delivered by James Nichola of Topeka, Kansas, and also the speaking by little Master kegler of Carbondale, which was full of pathos, it brought tears to many eyes. AND A band of horsemen was located at this place last week, for the purpose of trading horses. Good trades and poor ones were made. It is best to look out for such fellows.

New Milford - School opens next Monday, Prof. Stearns as principal. Prof. Stearns and wife are recognized as among the best teachers of which Susquehanna County can boast. We bespeak for them a cordial welcome.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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