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October 17 1890/1990

Hawleyton - [Sequel to last week's baseball report.] Mud Lake vs. Hawleyton. A fine ball game was played at Hawleyton on October 8th, by the above clubs in which the self-supposed invincible Mud Lakers were defeated to the tune of 8 to 5. The Mud Lakers can play a very good game of ball with their mouths, but it would be well to remember that Broome County covers some little territory, and includes within its boundaries a good many ball nines that can play quite a game in fact if the Mud Lakers for a score they should consider themselves fortunate. A bit of advice boys, because you can beat a few 'kids' don’t imagine from that that you know how to play ball, and further, the "cars won't hurt you if you keep off the truck," there are lots of second nines in the back woods, just play with them if you would keep your conceit intact.

Brooklyn - J.H. Stanton is painting the Presbyterian parsonage. There will be quite a change of residences this fall. W.L Sterling will move into the Foote house; E.L. Weston has rented W.L. Sterling's farm and will move this week; L. Silsby will move into E.L. Weston’s house; C.H. Tiffany has rented the Universalist parsonage and is putting up a large poultry house and intends to go to raising poultry; A.C. Doloway will move into his house now occupied by C.H. Tiffany.

Clifford - Miss Tempy Miller, one of the old landmarks of Clifford, has passed away, aged 90 yrs.

Susquehanna - An engine backed through the brick wall of the round house one day last week. The men who had charge who of her were suspended for sixty days for alleged carelessness. The Susquehanna “Transcript" says that officer Hall, of Susquehanna, avows his intention to arrest all boys smoking cigarettes under the age of 15.” ‘Twill serve them right. Cigarettes were not ripe enough to be smoked at so tender an age."

Springville - Stephen Turtle, the popular furniture dealer and undertaker, has a fine stock of furniture on hand at live and let live prices. Minot Riley's storefront has recently been artistically decorated in colors and gold and looks very fine. Oscar W. Evans killed a crane on Lake's pond last month, which was 5 feet, 9-1/2 inches in length and 5 feet, 1 inch high. H.D. Phelps caught a pickerel a short time ago that measured 15 inches in length and weighed 3-1/2 pounds.

Harford - There has come to R.D. Carpenters, a little girl.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: It is now lawful to shoot rabbits. A recovery can be had of a town or village for personal injuries sustained by reason of the branches of a tree being permitted to hang so low over the traveled portion of a highway to leave a space insufficient for passage of teams and wagons.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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