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October 10 1890/1990

Great Bend - No one has ever discovered the body of the widow Campbell, who suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from Great Bend Twp. a few years ago, as did her bag of gold. The general opinion has always been that she was murdered for her gold and buried in the wilds of the Smoky Hollow section.

Friendsville - Daniel Murphy recently dug, with the assistance of three of his neighbors, 150 bushels of potatoes in one day and put them in his cellar. They were fine Burbanks. He has as many more.

Forest City- A number of improvements are going on at Forest City. Hugh Brown is putting in a new glass front to Keltz Bros. Meat Market, W.J. Davis, H.F. Aldrich and others are improving their buildings and a large number of new houses are going up all over town. Carpenters, painters, paperhangers and masons are very busy. The Fire Company is also completing a new building on N. Main Street. Surely this is a good sign. Yes, Forest City still lives and is having a steady, prosperous growth.

Thompson - J. Cunningham has traded the Jefferson Hotel property for Z.C. Bells's, Forest House in Forest City. Mr. Bell gets the Jefferson Hotel and $1,000 for his hotel.

Susquehanna - A young man about town who calls upon the daughter of a railroad employee, rather overstayed his time Sunday night last, and as he was quietly making his way out of the dooryard, at about 2 a.m., ran against dad, who was just returning from his work. The latter, mistaking the young man to be a thief, seized him by the neck and nearly destroyed his breathing apparatus before he found out that the only thing his prisoner was trying to steal was the daughter’s affections. He was then released with a reprimand and a warning.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: It is true that our statute books are crowded with laws to ensure the safety of human life, but there are manifold dangers that lurk in the dark, against which there is not a line of law to protect humanity. Thousands of people are suffering all over this country from the effects of using adulterated foods. Every state should have most rigid laws against not only the adulteration of goods, but especially regarding those wherein poisons are used. Our Pennsylvania Law makers should, at the next session of the legislature, pass a bill that would compel every manufacturer to print upon his label every ingredient that is used. The formula is not needed, but the names of the ingredients are, and there should be the severest kind of punishment of the man who either misrepresents or conceals. Public health demands this much from our lawmakers. AND Artificial light and insanity among the causes of increased insanity in the country is too much artificial light, too long continued. Artificial light pouring in through the windows of the brain awakens the millions of sleeping cells in the habitation; when darkness is needed for rest and repair.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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