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November 9 1894/1994

Harford - Miss E.L. Parrish adds all items and chapters of Harford history to her beautiful scrap books of Centennial History. It will be very valuable years hence.

North Jackson - Mr. & Mrs. Horace Bryant, of Boone, IA, who have been visiting friends in Jackson and Thompson, have returned home.

Hop Bottom- We had a snowstorm Thursday.

Rush Centre- There are at the present time, 21 inmates in the Rush and Auburn poor asylum.

Great Bend - Fifteen prisoners are now in the Montrose jail. Most of them are tramps. The county ought to devise some means to make those fellows earn their living. They might be utilized nine months of the year in sunny Montrose shoveling snow. [From Great Bend Plaindealer]. Correct; and the remaining three months could be easily employed digging Great Bend’s citizens out of the fog banks, which love to hover about the “Big Bend of the Susquehanna." [From the Independent Republican, Montrose]

Montrose - Thomas O’Neil was present at the regular meeting of the Town Council and stated that he had erected a street lamp on the corner near his residence. On motion, the Council voted to supply him with one gallon of oil per month, with the agreement that he was to light said lamp.

Gibson -Our annual Library meeting was held in the Universalist church Friday evening, Nov. 2d, with President F.N. Tingley in the chair. Reports of the officers show the library to be in a flourishing condition.

Susquehanna County- Court House News: Arrangements were made on Tuesday for defraying the expense of receiving telegraphic election news, and County Chairman Ainey contributed the Armory and had it comfortably heated for that purpose. A special telegraph wire was run from the regular office to the Armory, a key and sounder were placed in Capt. Ainey’s room, and the dispatches were chalked on a bulletin board as fast as received, for the benefit of the large crowd that had gathered. The assembly was composed largely of Republicans, and, as the dispatches came in, they gave vent to their feelings by loud cheers. The news from New York State and City was waited for more anxiously than any other, and when early in the evening it began to come favorable and grew more so as the hours wore on. Republicans rejoiced with exceeding great joy. There was some dissatisfaction because no news could be obtained of the result in this State, but there was no anxiety, as Pennsylvania was known to be O.K.

Middletown Centre - The husking bee at James Horigan’s was largely attended. They husked some 300 bushels.

Friendsville - The fairies who visited us all Halloween night showed how thoroughly disgusted they were with the condition of our sidewalks by throwing some of them over the fence. We don’t blame the fairies. The sidewalks through town are in a dangerous condition. The city fathers should attend to their duty and have them repaired before winter, or the lax payers may have a bill to pay.

Fairdale - G.D. Nash and S.J. Northrup held a meeting in the P.I. Hall at Fairdale in the interest of the Peoples party. Near the close of the meeting a vote was taken to find out how many were in favor of the Prohibition of the liquor traffic, and, about three fourths of the people voted in favor of it. Pretty good for Fairdale.

West Lenox - The viewers appointed at the last term of court viewed the proposed new road near the house of John Green recently. The day was fine and the attendance large.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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