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November 27 1891/1991

Springville- Someone seems to have a great partiality for turkeys in this vicinity, a number having been stolen last week.

Birchardville - A heavy thunder shower passed over us on the afternoon of Nov 22, with vivid lightning, strong wind, and hail. After the storm, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the Heavens, forming an arch of beautiful hues, lasting for some length of time.

Stanfordville- Ogden Stanford has sold five acres of land between the brick house and where the old brick church used to stand, to Mrs. L.L. Warner for $327.50. The purchase money was a gift from Mrs. Morley, of Windsor.

Forest City - The Forest City News says that the Episcopal Church at that place is now under roof, the stone work all done, and the framework all completed. The tower and framework all completed. The tower and first story will be of stone, and the second story of wood. When finished it will be a very handsome structure.

Montrose - The Montrose Separate Company gave a public exhibition drill at the Opera House on Thursday evening. This company is composed of the best young men of the town, and presents a fine appearance when in line. They are now nearly all uniformed and are becoming very proficient in drill, going through the different maneuvers in fine style. Montrose will feel proud to have a detachment of the National Guards here and our citizens will undoubtedly assist this company in every way possible. At their exhibition drill on Thursday evening, the company was assisted by the Montrose Banjo Club and Hohner's celebrated orchestra, both of which delighted the audience with their excellent music.

Dundaff - There are 27 widow ladies and old maids in the borough at present, only a little less than the entire number of voters.

Alfred - A number of Italian and Hungarian men, who had been working on the railroad at Alfred, were discharged last week, the season being nearly over. Mr. Jos. Page, who as a contractor has had a large experience with them, says he wonders why farmers, who complain so much that help is scarce, do not give these men a trial. He says that in their home country they were brought up farmers and are natural stock raisers in nearly every instance, being superior caretakers. He says they attend strictly to their duties and mind their own business.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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