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November 24 1899/1999

North Jackson - While the guests at the Vandemark--Tallman wedding were partaking of the wedding breakfast, along with the bride and groom, the wedded pair quietly slipped away and thus escaped the shower of rice and other mementoes that had been prepared, and it dawned on the guests that the joke was on them.

Harford - W. W. Wilmarth has put up a wind-mill and has his ensilage cutter, a corn and cob crusher and a feed mill attached to it. A fair volume of wind will run any of these machines easily.

Susquehanna - The dance at Kistler Hall, Great Bend, Monday, was largely attended. Hassett & Houlihan furnished excellent music. Among those from Susquehanna were James Brennan, Eddie Conners, James Creegan, Thomas Keefe, Frank Burns, F. A. Ryan, Eddie Ryan and Dave Barr. AND - John Dwyer has opened a cigar manufactory on Broad Street.

Birchardville - Miss Fannie Boyd is the owner of a fine piano, so they say. Pianos are getting to be quite as fashionable as carriages ‘round about. AND - Birchardville School report for the month ending Nov 20th, names of pupils receiving 100 percent in spelling; Chadija Dayton, Edna Small, Bessie Greene, George Dayton, Wakeman Small, Harry Green, Henry Griffis, Ray Greene, Elmer Dayton, Isaac Hart, Wannie Picket, Floyd Greene. Enrolled 23.

Springville - Dr. H. B. Lathrop went to Philadelphia with Mrs. West, of Lynn, one day last week, where she will undergo an operation some day this week.

South Gibson - At the John B. Manning Cash Store you can buy 18 lbs of standard granulated sugar for $1; 8 lbs mixed cakes for 25 cents; headlight oil for 9 cents; Arbuckle coffee for 11 cents and 4 lbs best rice for 25 cents.

Forest City - The dedication of the bells and laying of the corner stone of St. Anthony's church took place on Wednesday, Rt. Rev. M. J. Hoban, bishop, officiating. AND - Two hotels at The Blazing Stump were destroyed by fire last week. One was that of Mrs. Mary Dunn and the other was S. T. O'Neill's.

Little Meadows - Mrs. Mary Boland, aged 90 years, and residing in Cadis, PA, met death in a terrible manner, Wednesday, the 15th inst. She was walking through a field where sheep were grazing and one of them, being vicious, knocked her down and butted her so fiercely she was unable to rise from her feet to escape from him. Her son Daniel and wife were absent from home at the time and she was discovered by another son who resides at Little Meadows. Deceased is survived by three sons and three daughters. Rev. Fr. O'Malley, pastor of St. Thomas' Church of Little Meadows, officiated at her funeral.

Hopbottom - The drouth this fall has caused several to dig wells in town. Among the number are Myron Titus, Can. Stone, B. Williams, Mrs. A. E. Seaman and D. S. Quick.

Montrose - Shew and Eagan, the convicted murderers of Jackson Pepper, who were to have been executed on Nov. 23, were again respited by Governor Stone this week. The day now fixed for their execution is Monday, January 9, 1900. This brings the date beyond Ward Deuel's term of office and Sheriff-elect W. J. Maxey will be called upon to carry out the sentence of the court, provided the State Board of Pardons, which meets in Harrisburg next week, does not interfere.

Lawsville - The ladies aid society of the Baptist church will hold an oyster supper in the creamery hall Thanksgiving night. Come everybody and bring your families and best girls.

Silver Lake - On Nov. 8th Jennie E. Bolles and Erve Brugler, of Fairdale, were united in marriage at the bride's home here. At high noon, as the march was nicely rendered by Bessie Jenner, a niece of the bride, the wedding party, Miss Minnie Roberts of East Rush, acting as bridesmaid, and Ernest Horton, of Fairdale, as best man, took places beneath an arch of running pine and white chrysanthemums. The room was beautifully decorated with potted plants and evergreens.

The bride was attired in light brown broadcloth, trimmed in white silk. The bridesmaid in dark brown, trimmed in light blue. Both wore white carnations. The ceremony was performed by the bride's former pastor, James Wilkes, assisted by the groom's pastor, Rev. Thomas Eva, of Fairdale.

After congratulations, they partook of a beautiful repast. The tables were decorated with ferns and cut-flowers. She received about $75 worth of beautiful and useful presents.

NEWS BRIEFS - It has lately been declared by a medical expert that sitting with the legs crossed produces appendicitis. He reasons it this way--that the leg-crossing habit restricts the digesting process and renders obstruction of the vermiform appendix more likely, and furthermore, says that women are less liable to it than men. AND - It is stated that within a year over 200 eloping couples from Pennsylvania have been married at Binghamton. Several cases of bigamy having developed, the ministerial association of Binghamton has decided to refuse to marry any more Pennsylvania couples unless such proof is furnished as would be required in their own state. AND - Susie Graham Discharged. Susie Graham was acquitted on the charge of conspiracy which has been pending against her in the murder of Jackson Pepper. Judge Searle, in charging the jury, said it was a matter of public notoriety that the two persons with whom she was charged with having conspired were now in jail under sentence for murder in the first degree, and from the nature of the charge against her it would seem difficult or impossible to convict without the evidence of Shew and Eagan; that he understood they had declined to give any testimony against her. Judge Searle closed by saying that the commonwealth officers had properly performed their duty and that District Atty. Little had wisely exercised his discretion in not pressing a trial when he had not sufficient evidence to convict.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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