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November 21 1890/1990

Union Dale- Elias Westgate has had a new furnace put in for heating his home, making upwards of seven or eight in the borough.

Lathrop - Dyer Williams is entitled to credit for the attention he gives to the roads he has in charge. The supervisor that has not the ability to keep the loose stones and ponds of water out of the roads should resign.

Montrose - Miss Emily C. Blackman has several hundred copies of her authentic Susquehanna County History, which she offers for sale at cheap rates.

Birchardville - O.M. Bolles has woven 918 yards of carpet and cloth since the first of April and 1377 since the first day of January 1889 up to Nov. 1.

Retta - Come one, come all, to the entertainment and Box Supper given by the Retta people, Thanksgiving night, at the school building. Extensive preparations are being made for an enjoyable time. Each lady will please bring a box trusting at the sane time that it may be drawn by a congenial companion.

Hop Bottom- Denison Simons, of Kingsley, has bought the Albert Blake farm near Kingsley station, 207 acres, for $2700.

Susquehanna - The roller skating rink craze has again struck Susquehanna.

News Brief - Harrisburg: Governor Beaver has issued a proclamation in pursuance of the one issued by President Harrison, designating Thursday, Nov. 27, as "Thanksgiving Day.” He recommends a general suspension of business and proper observance of the day.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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