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November 13 1896/1996

Birchardville - Friday evening about 6 p.m. the barn of John Powers was discovered on fine, and in a short time was consumed, with contents, hay, straw, gram, one cutter, and a few farming tools. No insurance. Cause: children playing with matches.

Auburn - D.D. Layton returned from Port Jervis last week and reports that his father is slowly improving. D.D. brought his father's horse and buggy with him. The drive was 96 miles and made in two days.

Auburn Centre- Rev. Dr. Griffin gave every interesting talk on the worn out preachers to a full house on Saturday eve, Nov. 7th.

Thompson - The Odd Fellows and their wives gave Guy Terrell a birthday surprise. Sandwiches, cake, coffee and fruit were served as refreshments. Before leaving they presented Mr. Terrell with a handsome office chair.

New Milford - Everyone in this community is touched by the sadness that came so suddenly into the home of H.L. Bradley, on Wednesday, in the death of his wife. While sitting in her chair she fell to the floor unconscious. Death resulting in a short time. The funeral was held from the Presbyterian Church.

Herrick Centre - At Pleasant Mt. occurred the marriage of Mr. Jas. Barrett, of Carbondale, to Miss Anna McAvoy, of this place. Miss Gretta Dunning, of Forest City, acted as bridesmaid and Mr. P. Duffy, of Carbondale, as best man.

Lanesboro - J.O. Taylor’s saw and cider mill with machinery, lumber and several hundred bushels of apples was destroyed by fire on the morning of Nov. 6th. The fire is thought to be the work of an incendiary. The property was not insured and the loss to Mr. Taylor is said to be about $3000. The mill was built in 1847 by Jonathan Taylor and David Lyons for the purpose of sawing the timber for the trestle work of the Starrucca viaduct.

Brandt - On Friday morning as Palmer's Jefferson Branch "Flyer" was near Lanesboro, it struck and instantly killed Adolphus Black, an aged resident of Brandt. Deceased, who leaves a widow and six children, came to Brandt from Germany about 4 years since. The funeral occurred from the Brandt Presbyterian Church.

Susquehanna - The Republicans had a general jubilee on Friday evening. Headed by an illuminated car, with appropriate placards, several hundred men, carrying colored lanterns and torches, marched through the principal streets of Susquehanna and Oakland. A prominent feature of the parade was 50 horsemen. Hundreds of residences and business places on both sides of the river were beautifully illuminated.

Hop Bottom- G.P. Tiffany's new building is nearing completion and Irvin Wright's new building is nearly finished and is very nice and something new in architecture.

Franklin Forks - Another old resident passed away on Oct. 30th, Mrs. Belinda Smith, aged 97 years, 11 months. She with her husband were among the early settlers of Franklin Forks. Here they lived for many years and here their family was raised. After their family had all moved away, they for a while made their home in Ohio, where Mr. Smith died about 26 years ago. Mrs. Smith came back to Franklin Forks to reside with her daughter, Mrs. E.L. Beebe, where she spent the rest of her days. Two of her children still live here: Mrs. Beebe and E.B. Smith. The pallbearers were six great grandsons: Edward Beebe, Stanley and Mead Beebe, of Binghamton; Myron and dark Smith, of Oakland; and Ed Handrick, of Upsonville.

Harford - Miss Alice Barnard was married the 16th of last April to J.F. Old father, at the home of her uncle, Judd Tiffany, in Pittston. She left to join her husband in his Indiana home, having rented her house and lot in the village to Mr. Otis Grinnell, and sold her undertaking business to E.J. Whitney. She will be greatly missed by her many friends here.

Clifford - Why not finish laying the sidewalks on Methodist street before fall mud and bad walking comes.

Glenwood - There is an old lady residing in this township who, of she lives until February 1897, will be 93 years old. She is the widow of the late John Reese, a soldier of the war of 1812. The old lady receives a pension.

Forest City- Professor C.T. Thorpe, Principal of the Forest City schools, has opened a night school in that place for the benefit of boys who cannot attend school during the day.

Springville - The Republicans of this village had a jollification on Friday evening and for a time made "Rome howl." The firing was heard many miles away. A large bonfire was built, and when the firing was over 15 lbs. of powder had been burned. Springville is Republican, first, last, and all the time.

Royal - The footbridge has been repaired. This was important, as it is a short cut to our public school.

Montrose - We are pleased to learn that "Aunt Hattie" Tyler, who has been quite ill, is improving. She is over 90 years old.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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