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November 02 1923/2023

Great Bend – Charles W Tingley, aged 66 years, passed away at his home in Dalton, Oct. 23. Mr. Tingley was a native of Great Bend and for over forty years was employed as an engineer on the Lackawanna railroad, being retired a few years ago.

Rushville – John Shadduck recently purchased a home in LeRaysville, now being taken down piece by piece and moved to Rushville by motor trucks, where it is being rebuilt into a fine residence on the Shadduck homestead farm. It will be recalled the Shadduck homestead, a fine old landmark of that locality, burned down a few weeks ago and this will make a fine home to take its place.

Montrose – Taylor’s Band is planning to give concerts here and several local towns. The band was organized some time ago by the Taylor Brothers, and is unusual in many respects. The players are all boys, their ages ranging from 11 to 22, and the band is directed by Maurice Taylor, who is under 18 years. The band confines its efforts to music that is within its ability and lays special stress on the way it plays each number. The band is well equipped and has recently purchased uniforms from D. L. Robinove. ALSO Montrose people who burn leaves on the concrete pavement are warned that this is against the borough laws. Persons doing so are subject to a fine if placed under arrest. The best way to take care of leaves is to carry them into the garden, distribute them evenly, and have them plowed under this fall, which is a great aid to enrich the soil.

Dimock – The apple packing at the Cope farm has commenced again and will last three or four weeks. There are about 1200 bushels to be graded and packed and despite the drought of the summer, the apples are unusually good.

Hallstead-Great Bend – It would be a downright shame to make the Hallstead-Great Bend bridge a toll bridge, not only for the county, but more so for the farmers of this section and the business men and citizens of the two towns. For many years the people of this section were burdened with a toll bridge, owned by a private corporation. It was finally taken over by the county and made a toll free bridge. Now some of the people, who hardly ever use the bridge, want to crowd us back into the 19th century when toll bridges were common and few people used them. We would suggest that our county officials look thoroughly into the matter before they burden our people with this debt.

Middletown Twp. – The Jackson Valley school is progressing nicely, the record showing almost perfect attendance.

Susquehanna – Patrick Leary, of Lanesboro, was instantly killed while walking on the track near the J. A. tower, by the fast east-bound milk train. He was walking toward his boarding place and not hearing the approaching train, was struck and thrown to one side of the track, his body badly mangled about the head. The body was removed to the Perrine undertaking rooms.

Forest City – Hallowe’en with all its merriment, was fittingly observed here last evening. Stately cavaliers, wild Indians and laughing clowns were seen and they presented a grotesque appearance. Horns and instruments of various kinds lent their share in the street demonstrations and the kiddies were happy. ALSO Forest City is a good market for cabbage. Farmers are making daily calls here and a large head can be had for a dime.

Elmer Washburn – The plight of Elmer Washburn, now in the Montour county jail, has interested the Danville school board and steps are being taken by that body to learn what they can do to offer him educational advantages during his confinement. A correspondence school has offered him free courses and arrangements are planned for additional study for him. The boy is the only prisoner in the Montour county jail. Washburn was convicted of the murder of Cyrus Payne, of Brushville, this county, and sentenced to serve a 17-year term for the offense. He was sent to the Eastern penitentiary and later transferred to the Montour county jail to finish his term.

Uniondale – Ed Dinear admits that he is a poor marksman. He recently had 25 chickens stolen and the tires and tools of his automobile carried away. Soon after the visit, in the early morning, the family was disturbed and thinking of his remaining chickens hastily secured his gun and noticing two men fleeing he fired. The men ran to the road and escaped in an automobile.

New Milford – H W. Lewis is having a fine concrete porch built on the Park View Hotel, and when completed will be one of the most attractive hotels along the Lackawanna Trail. ALSO Mr. and Mrs. Moss VanCott will leave this week by motor for St. Petersburg, Fla., where they expect to spend the winter.

Kingsley – A. J. Masters has had a radio placed in his home.

Franklin Forks – Mrs. A. E. Stockholm and Mrs. Alvira Snow commenced house keeping in Mrs. Stockholm’s little cottage at the Forks. We wish them a pleasant winter.

Forest Lake – There will be a temperance program on Sunday, Nov 1, by the Sunday school at 2 o’clock. All try and be present.

News Brief: Mrs. Frances Wentworth Brown Holbrook, of Oneonta, NY, who at the age of nearly 90, is believed to be the only original daughter of the American Revolution in New York State, if not in the entire United States. Her father, not grandfather or great grandfather, actually fought under General George Washington on many a battlefield in the Revolutionary War. ALSO C. R. Anderson and Mr. Murphy, of State College, and Mr. Collingwood, a federal representative of the forestry department and County Agent Miller, are visiting Birchardville, Brackney, Dimock, New Milford and Harford this week, looking after the plantings of seedling trees made during the past few years.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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