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November 01 1912/2012

Gelatt - Amos Avery has purchased a fine span of bay horses. He made a trip to Susquehanna Sunday and took his daughters, Jane and Nina, back to their schools.

Montrose - H. M. Cole, the veteran automobile man, and an ardent believer in the Ford make of cars for the roads of Susquehanna count, has been appointed Ford sales agent for that part of Susquehanna county west of the D.L.&W. railroad, and will press the matter vigorously, giving the business his whole attention. Mr. Cole will carry a large a large number of cars in stock, we understand, and what is of vital importance, will carry a large line of parts for the Ford automobile, thus obviating delays when parts are needed. Mr. Cole was one of the first automobile owners in the city of Scranton, although this fact is not generally known, and ever since that time has been a practical automobile man. The Ford agency in this locality amounts to a valuable franchise and with the basis which Mr. Cole will place the business on, it should be not only remunerative for him, but of convenience to Ford owners generally, as Mr. Cole’s contract implies that the looking after all Ford machines.

Flynn - Now we have it from good authority that the old maids of Middletown are like a gasoline engine, it is most impossible to keep them from sparking. ALSO While playing with a bow and arrow John Curley’s son was hit in the eye. He was taken to Sayre hospital and at last account he might lose his eye.

Heart Lake - A sample of some apple butter from L. E. Griffing’s mill found its way to the Democrat’s office one day last week and the quality of it would please the most exacting epicure. Mr. Griffing is now very busy operating his cidar and jelly mill, having added new machinery for improving the product. Mr. Griffing’s sale of apple butter is large, both locally and in the city.

Rhiney Creek, Liberty Twp. - Ira Decker, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Decker, met with quite a severe accident last week. He took a shotgun to shoot a hawk. When he got outdoors he saw the hawk and while waiting for it to sail lower down he rested his gun on the toe of his shoe, not noticing that the hammer was up. He pulled the trigger and shot his second toe off close to his foot. The powder also burned his foot quite severely. He was taken to City Hospital at Binghamton to have the wound dressed.

Choconut Valley - The Friendsville-Choconut telephone line is now under headway.

Herrick Center - Miss Blanche Pope and Claude Ziegler, both of this place, were married by Rev. Owen Buck at the M. E. parsonage Oct. 18. Their many friends wish them much happiness.

Elk Lake - A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Lathrop on Sunday last. “Another voter for the Progressives,” the proud father remarked.

Dimock - Lee Estus has purchased a new automobile which he is learning how too run.

Forest City - The Republicans held a meeting Wednesday evening. Speeches were made and some gave their experience during Cleveland times--how they tramped for work and did not find it. The Club planned a monster parade for Friday night with 50 horses in the parade. After the parade a Grand Rally will be held in the Grand Theater, when speakers from Scranton and Philadelphia will be present to address the meeting.

Hallstead - J. J. Mooney, while leaning from the engine of a train on which he was riding, the better to observe the signals, was struck by a swinging refrigerator car door on an adjoining track and instantly killed. He was hurled to the ground, his skull being fractured by the blow. He was a train man, 21 years of age, and was highly regarded. He was a brother of Thomas Mooney, an operator in the employ of the Lackawanna R.R. In Hallstead.

Uniondale - E. G. Burdick has placed steam heat in his residence.

Kingsley - The reunion of the members of the Kingsley Concert Band was celebrated last Friday evening by a banquet given at the Aqua Inn to members of the band and their ladies after the rehearsal.

Brooklyn - Election promises to be quiet. The thinking men like those who live in Brooklyn will hesitate to change the policy of the government when we have such good times.

New Milford - C. S. Page was pleasantly surprised on Saturday last, when a number of guests arrived to celebrate his 74th birthday. A very enjoyable time was had. As a token of remembrance he was presented with the sum of $6.30. On departing all wished him many happy returns of the day.

Clifford - Election next Tuesday. Go to the polls and help elect the best man, but don’t kick if you won’t vote.

Marriage licenses - Norman N. Sloat and Bernice Conrad, of Jackson; John C. McAndrews and Marie R. Kane, of Susquehanna; George E. Ives and Ella Yeomans, of Lawsville Center.

Lathrop Twp. - Dyer Williams, one of this townships best known citizens, has been spending a portion of the week in Montrose. He says politics were never quieter in Lathrop than this year-not much like the Greeley campaign. People read more, form their own opinions, and speech making days have largely vanished. He wears a Taft pin.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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