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May 31 1895/1995

Great Bend – Mr. and Mrs. Milo Gurnsey, after many years service as toll gate keepers in the employ of the Great Bend Bridge company, have surrendered their duties into the keeping of Mrs. A. Millett and retired to enjoy a well earned rest.

Montrose – A telephone pole on Church Street, near Stoddard’s store, has been nearly severed at the base by the gnawing of horses which have been tied to it, and sooner or later must fall. It should be replaced by a sound one. AND Much needed repairing was done about the Soldiers’ Monument this week. The stones at the top of the surrounding earthwork were raised and leveled, the cannon painted and rearranged, the memorial tablets set in order, and other details attended to. When decorated with the beautiful wreaths on Thursday it presented a pretty sight.

Susquehanna – The Susquehanna Band donates its services to-day. This is right. There ought to be very few expenses on Memorial Day. It ought to be a day for memory and for tears, a day for patriotism and not for penny catching.

Lanesboro – From 300 to 400 people enjoyed a trip up the river, from Taylor Grove, Thursday, on the new twin-screw steamer, “Erminie”. All were pleased with the boat and the trip. The scenery up the Susquehanna at this season is beautiful, beyond description.

Burnwood – E.J. Dunn has a flying seed sower, propelled by a crank.

Thompson – The corner store of E.E. Gelatt & Son is undergoing extensive repairs.

Stevens Point – J.B. Stevens is no better. Calvin Terrell is not gaining any. Mrs. Frank Terrell is on the sick list. Mrs. J.B. Stevens health is very poor. Born to Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Putnam, a daughter.

Forest City – Mrs. Daniel McGrath, aged 63 years, of Forest City, was killed by the cars last Sunday morning. She stood upon a switch, waiting for a train to pass, and did not notice that the rear cars of the train had been detached and were being run down onto the switch. They struck and ran over her killing her instantly.

Springville – Isaac Meserole is at Atlantic City for the benefit of his health.

New Brief – The New York Evening Telegram says: “To preserve goods from moths, do not use camphor in any form. Pieces of tar paper laid in fur boxes and in closets are a better protection. A few pennies will buy enough to equip all the packing boxes and closets of a large house for a year.”

         Moonlight and Musical Excursion to Buffalo and Niagara Falls – The Erie lines always “up to date” will give the public a grand excursion to the “Electric City” and the great Cataract on Saturday evening, June 8th, the first and most enjoyable of the season, music on the way by the famous Mozart Band, of Carbondale, arrive at Niagara at sunrise, Sunday: returning special train same afternoon, reaching home in season for a night’s rest for Monday’s work. Tickets will be good also for return on regular trains Monday the 10th. Do not miss this grand trip. Train will leave Susquehanna at 9:00PM Fare, round trip, only $3.00.

        Teachers who expect to take the examinations at Brooklyn, Springville or Dimock should take note of the fact that Superintendent Gillet has changed the date for examinations at those places. A notice of the change appears in another column, and also the corrected list.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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