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May 30 1924/2024

Ararat – Memorial services were well attended at the Methodist church last Sunday. Our three last wars were represented by John Hudson, of the Rebellion; Burt Porter, of the Spanish American and World War, and Joseph Cosack of the World War. Solos were sung by Burt Porter, “Sleep, Comrades, Sleep,” and Mrs. Leon Potter, “Looking This Way.” An excellent sermon was preached by Rev. Harrison; also general praise given our soldiers and sailors both living and dead. Norma Tobey and Rachel Brooks placed flags on the graves of our soldier dead.

Susquehanna – Moody Post, No. 53, and the members of the Women’s Relief Corps, No. 12, attended the Memorial Services held in the Presbyterian church. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and fine music was given by the orchestra and choir. The sermon was preached by Rev. Joseph Fields, pastor of the church. This being a union service, all the other churches were closed and the audience completely filled the large auditorium.

South Gibson – The high school commencement will be held on the evening of the 29th. Miss Rachel Michael, Valedictorian, and Miss Arline Thomas, Salutatorian, will present interesting addresses. Others on the program are Fred Thomas, Mary Resseguie, Kenneth Michael, Frances Moore, Harold Miller, George Wells and Mildred Johnson.

Jackson – Several from Jackson attended the commencement at Harford. A Jackson girl, Miss Gertrude Pease, held second honors in the class.

East Rush – Some sneak thief broke into W. T Quick’s grain house a few nights ago and helped himself to oats and buckwheat, and not long ago the cellar of Mrs. Retta Estus was entered and canned fruit taken. A good dose of cold lead would be the proper thing to give such a person.

Hop Bottom – Those from here who were successful at the annual field meet, May 17th, are: James Bisbee, who won places in shot put, running broad jump, 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash and the relay cup, which made him a total of 18 ¼ points, highest won by any individual there. Others who won were Francis McAloon, Donald Oakley, Howard Roberts and Ralph Rettberg, Orland Payne, Van Tingley, and the following girls, Mildred Williams, Leila Robinson, Sarah Powers, Pauline Pratt and Anna Robinson.

Forest City – Pat O’Malia, Forest City’s famed screen artist, was seen Monday evening at the Family theatre in “Fool’s Highway.” He had the leading part and was there with the goods.

Hallstead/Great Bend – A score of county officers raided several places here, and thirty gallons of alleged whiskey were secured. This liquor had been placed in the borough building at Great Bend, the owner or owners having evidently been “tipped off” that a raid was to be made and thought that the least likely place the officers would look for booze would be on borough property. The offices brought it to Montrose and placed it in the strong room of the Court House for safe-keeping. It is stated that there is sufficient information at hand to establish the ownership of it. The raid had been planned quietly, but it was common talk that there was to be a ”raid of the town tonight,”

Harford – The U. S. Senate, in executive session, confirmed the nomination of Hon. E. E. Jones, of Harford, together with three other men, as members of the federal farm loan board. Former Senator Jones has been serving as a member of the board for the past year, and the confirmation of his nomination is simply a matter of form.

Montrose – The work of laying the concrete paving on Lake Avenue, in front of the school building and Colonial Hall and on South Cherry street, between Church and Cedar streets, is under way this week.
The paving is also being curbed and guttered. ALSO A movement is underway, sponsored by Dr. Ellen Mitchell Tent, Daughters of Veterans, by which by which the marble tablets containing the names of the Civil War veterans of the county, will be placed again on Monument Square. They were removed by the county commissioners, some years ago, and have since been stored in the basement of the Court House. [The stones represent Civil War men who died during the war. Not all parts of the county were represented on the stones, as you will see when visiting the monument. All towns and townships were contacted, but not all participated.]

Thompson – “Gypsy” Smith, the famous evangelist, is expected to conduct a series of meetings, at Thompson, during the summer. Rev. H. R. Harrison was in Montrose, recently, endeavoring to make arrangements for the rental of a large tent which can accommodate a thousand persons. It is probable that the celebrated speaker will draw large crowds.

Brooklyn – Work on the new school building is progressing finely. The brick laying will be completed in a short time. ALSO Residents of this vicinity will remember Willis T .Lee, of Washington, D. C. and a native of this place, who taught at the East Bridgewater school. A thorough, painstaking, studious teacher, it is little wonder that he is now known as Dr. Lee and that the National Geographic Society has secured his services to lead an extensive expedition to explore the Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico. This may be America’s largest and most beautiful cavern, and the expedition will seek further remains of he ancient inhabitants of this continent. [Dr. Lee was the brother of Eva Lee, a well-known artist, and her sister, a noted photographer.]

Elk Lake – J. W. Brodhead, supervisor of the roads, who is in his 70th year, seems to handle the road machine at work as easy as most of the young men.

Uniondale – Leon “Reynolds has opened a grocery store in his Main street building. Mr. Reynolds is handling a first-class line of goods at very reasonable prices. ALSO Memorial Day exercises, at the cemetery, will be in charge of Matthew McPherson Post, G. A. R.

Marriage Licenses issued recently: Wesley J, Lindsey and Gertrude A. Luce, both of Liberty Twp.; Alonzo T. Booth and Cleah E. Brown, both of Hallstead; Andrus Keleda and Anna Chermeskiena, both of Forest City; Raymond W. Marbaker, Johnson City and Ruby M. Vroman, Great Bend.

Centennial News: W. C. Cruser and W. A. Harrington were in Bradford County, where they secured an old stage coach, of the realest, oldest variety, for the Centennial Celebration,

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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