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May 17 1895/1995

Dimock – J.E. Dolan proprietor of the Dolan House, Dimock, has recently built a new ball room on his house, and it will be opened to the public upon the occasion of a party to be held Thursday evening, May 30th. AND E.H. Titman and O.W. Chase were in Scranton last week on business and took in [the] Buffalo Bill Wild Show much to their pleasure.

Hopbottom – The old “up and down” saw mill at Hopbottom, owned by Truman Bell, was built in 1855, and has been in continual operation ever since, and J.Y. Saunders has been sawyer for the last 26 years. The mill is nearly worn out with use and will soon be one of the old land-marks, or a modern mill will take its place. Mr. Saunders has tended the mill faithfully and well all these years, and soon will retire, perhaps, from arduous labors to those more congenial to the spirit of an old man.

Hallstead – L.T. Travis purchased, and now uses on his delivery route, the most elaborately painted wagon of its kind yet seen hereabout. The lettering designates its enterprising owner as “The West End Grocer”. AND The movement on foot for the building of a Band-stand on the river bank by subscription is nicely progressing.

Uniondale – The boys had a dance in Spencer Hall last Friday eve, but they did not invite Forest City boys to beat time for them as they did before.

Jackson – Miss Myrna French made her debut in Grand Opera as Marguerite in “Faust” at Washington, last week. In this her initial appearance in this character she has made an unqualified success and the public and press of the capitol city are loud in her praises. Miss French is a daughter of Dr. French of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a former resident of North Jackson.

Montrose – The Montrose Railway is now offering the public increased and quicker service. Two first class trains – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – are run each way every day except Sunday, the time of these trains being reduced one half hour. These trains make but one stop (at Springville) between here and Tunkhannock, unless signaled. A second class train is run Sundays and every week day morning. This increased service is all that could be desired, and will undoubtedly be appreciated by the general public. The new time table can be found on the 7th page of this issue. Mileage books issued by this road or the Lehigh Valley accepted on either road.

Bloomers Calling – Bloomers or no bloomers is no longer the question. It is now, who will and who won’t. Bloomers are sure to come. Already several fair young riders have suits. “in course of construction.” Bloomers are convenient, comfortable and sensible and Bradford girls are going to have them; so now. –Bradford Record

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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