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May 11 1900/2000

Springville - George E. Taylor--our photographer, was married to Miss Ora Thomas, Wednesday of last week, by Rev. G. H. H. Davis. During George's absence crepe was hung on his door. His bachelor friends feeling that the ever genial [George] was lost to them, when the happy couple returned, the band--not the Citizen's band-- furnished them some music. May they see eye to eye through many happy years to come. AND - Friday evening quite an excitement was created here by officers from Pittston bringing in an alleged horse thief captured near the Dimock camp ground. Constable Tuttle, of this place, took the gentleman to Montrose jail the same evening.

Susquehanna - Welling Perrine has been appointed inspector of piece work and Henry Sperl, Jr., succeeds Mr. Perrine as foreman of the round shop. AND - Work has commenced on the foundation for the public drinking fountain about to be erected on Main Street by the W.T.C.U. The fountain has already arrived.

Herrick Centre - M. J. VanHorn's store was broken into on Tuesday night by five men wearing masks. The noise awoke Mr. VanHorn, who emptied his revolvers at them--they returning the fire as they fled towards the O.&W. R.R.

Heart Lake - Last Wednesday evening the Ladies Aid Soc. held a box social at the home of Mrs. Sherman Griffing. Ice cream was served and the Hallstead band made the welkin ring with their inspiring strains of music.

Brooklyn - Rev. Will Chapman, of Fla., occupied the Presbyterian pulpit on Sunday last. Will is a Brooklyn boy, having left for Florida 15 years ago.

Hallstead - Fire broke out Monday morning about six o'clock in the D.L.& W. passenger station and had gained considerable headway before the department arrived. The fire caused considerable damage in the upper portion of the building where some lumber was stored. The fire was caused by the leakage of some sulphuric acid belonging to Druggist F. E. Sands, which had arrived last Saturday by freight.

Montrose - The warm weather of the past week has made the tinkling of the bell on Hart Bros.' ice wagon a most welcome and agreeable sound. Life in Montrose in the hottest of weather is made delight-ful if one but makes proper arrangements with the Messrs. Hart for a daily supply of the "congealed comfort" in which they deal. AND - Representatives of the Montrose Canning Company have shown us a sample of the very handsome label, lithographed in colors, that will be adopted by the Company for use on the cans turned out by the establishment.

Forest City - The Northeastern Pennsylvania Telephone company will at once, it is said, commence the construction of a line from Forest City to Lanesboro, where it will connect with the Susquehanna Valley line to Nineveh and points north.

Forest Lake - Maurice Sullivan was in town Monday, bidding his relatives and friends good-bye, prior to his departure to Butte, Montana. He left for that city yesterday, where he has accepted a position offered by Mr. Taylor, a relative.

East Auburn - Two of our estimable young ladies spent Tuesday at Meshoppen. They were fortunate in having a neighbor to pick up the stray packages along the roadside, which they had lost.

Thompson - Miss Hannah Latham is teaching school at the Hobbe district. She has a new wheel [bicycle].

Rush - James Curley, a son of Lawrence Curley, was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Rush on Wednesday, Rev. Father Driscoll officiating. Mr. Curley was living in New York at the time of his death, which was caused by pneumonia. He and his brother Michael were both employed as conductors on the street cars of the city. AND - John Reynolds' stage carried 12 passengers from Rush on Monday morning.

Fairdale - Boys ought to be careful when cutting plug tobacco. Eugene Otis was cutting a chew a few days ago, the knife slipped and struck his hand just below the wrist cutting a gash one and a half inches long and half an inch deep; it is doing well now.

Friendsville - The following parties will build the roads on the following streets for the coming year: Hugh Foran, Turnpike St.; Peter Keenan, North Branch, Wyalusing and Stone Sts.; James Ryan, Lake and Binghamton Sts. AND - Agnes Tierney, organist of St. Francis Xavier's Catholic church, has gone to Binghamton.

South Montrose - Merchant L. W. Moody has Fairbank's "Fairy Soap" for sale.

Clifford - B. F. Wells and wife returned home last week from Florida where they spent the winter. They report a good time and a nice place in which to spend the cold weather. They have spent several winters there. L. Z. Burdick and wife still remain in Florida.

Uniondale - Some little excitement prevailed in town last week owing to a report that a carpet had been stolen from Stephen Bronson's yard during the night. The ladies engaged in housecleaning had hung the carpet on a line and left it out. The report however proved false, as a member of the family unbeknown to any of the rest had removed the carpet. AND - The whooping cough is quite prevalent in our community.

Lynn - W. E. Spencer received a telegram Monday forenoon stating the death of his brother's wife, Mrs. John Spencer, of New York city. Rev. and Mrs. Spencer recently returned from Japan.

Welsh Hill - Cards are out announcing the wedding of Miss Libbie Anthony to Rupert Wells, the ceremony to occur the 28th inst.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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