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March 20 1896/1996

Rush - Mr. David Godwin has a fine flock of Plymouth Rock fowls and one day he noticed a half starved kitten amongst them eagerly partaking of the scraps he was feeding to the chickens. Since that time the kitten, now a half-grown cat, has kept with the flock and follows them in their wanderings to and fro, sleeping in the chicken house, and has lately taken to sitting in the nest with some setting hens. Mr. Godwin being somewhat afraid of the consequences thinks that he shall have to put a stop to this familiarity.

Forest City- It is reported on good authority that the Leek tract of coal land, situated in Wayne county, just across the Lackawanna river from Forest City, has been purchased by a Carbondale man and that a breaker will be built and the mining of coal commenced soon.

Harford - A veteran sugar maker says he waits for the blue birds before tapping his camp. Thinks nothing is gained by commencing too early.

Susquehanna - The early closing movement is taking root among the merchants. It is about time. There is no sense in keeping the stores open until midnight gives the clerks a chance Permit the merchants to become acquainted with their families. AND After a week’s suspension, the town clock is again doing duty in the Erie shop tower.

Hallstead - About twenty ladies of the Methodist Society met on Monday afternoon in the Church and sewed the carpet for the Church. They were assisted by Mr. Frudd, Mr. Miller, and Rev. Mr. Crompton. AND Three beautiful Rochester lamps were presented to the new M.E. Church by Mr. B. McLoud and Mr. Langley.

Montrose - Quite a heavy snowstorm visited us last week and the accompanying winds piled it up so that the roads were almost impassable in places.

Oakland [Oak Hill] - Oak Hill presented a busy appearance during the few days sleighing, as Mr. Boy den had from five to eight teams hauling logs from the late Isaac Simpson place. He succeeded in landing about fifty thousand on the riverbank in about eight days.

South Gibson - The senior class of Keystone Academy, at their election last week, chose Chas. E. Bunnell, of South Montrose and member of the Class of '94, M.H.S., for their President. [Chas. Bunnell became the first president of the University of Alaska in 1921].

Hop Bottom- Asa Day, who discontinues the hotel business at Hopbottom April 1st, has spent 25 years of his life as a landlord, 12 of it as the popular proprietor of the Hopbottom hotel. He will continue to reside in that village. F.W. Tennant, of Clifford, the new proprietor who has purchased the property, is a practical hotel man and has had several years' experience in the business.

East Auburn - Landis Lyman has been out trying his new cutter. It's a nice one girls!

Clifford - The people here are improving the sleighing in filing their coalhouses. If there should be any one who has not got a good supply, call on F. Cobb. Some days he draws three ton a day with one team.

Union [Lathrop Twp] - Ralph Kerr [Springville] and Lizzie Ainey [Lathrop] have taken a voyage for life on the matrimonial sea. They started on the tour first to Hopbottom by the way of Nicholson, to Pierceville, and thence to West Nicholson and found their way to the Methodist parsonage at 8 o'clock and were made man and wife by Rev. L.T. Van Campen.

Forest Lake - Miss Mattie Hammitt is going to Montrose to work. Johnny will have longer drives. Frank Halbe goes to Montrose once in a while since Lizzie Kane went there to work.

Friendsville - Willie Murphy has spent part of the winter breaking M. Walsh's dark ox to drive single; any of the lads can drive it now.

Herrick - A Herrick teacher discourages tardiness by drawing a picture of a cow on the blackboard and writing the names of the late corners near the tail.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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