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March 20 1891/1991

News Briefs - Town & Country: As predicted, eggs have taken a rise in price the nearer Easter approaches. W.W. Reynolds, the cash buyer and shipper of eggs in Montrose, was paying 20 cents per dozen on Saturday.

Forest City - It is stated that recent borings have established the fact that a fourth rein of coal underlies the place, making the supply of coal there practically exhaustless.

Great Bend - Hon. Psalmuel Moore, the genial editor of the Great Bend Plaindealer, is a great lover of church music, if it is good, but he says that some choirs make awkward breaks. For instance, when he was entering the church on Sunday morning, the choir suddenly commenced a song, beginning, "See the mighty host advancing, Satan leading on!” Psalmuel says that some people are too personal at critical times.

Harford - The old Leech place is going to decay. We remember the former owner, his stiff knee; his joviality. The famous row of maples, 85 in number, have been copied in other Sterry Tanner, 1827.

Gibson [South Gibson] - J.J. Manning, of South Gibson, has bought the old school house at Forest City, and will use it for store purposes.

Lathrop - G.P. Tiffany, of Hop Bottom, with one obliging clerk, Charley Williams, sells about $3,000 worth of merchandise a month. About 100 tons of cornmeal and wheat meddlings.

Stanfordville - Our genial sexton is very proud these days. Sometime last week his wife presented him with a nice boy and Eddie was mat tickled about it that he kept it to himself for three days, but finally the bubble of happiness burst and he had to let the joyful news be known. He even let his mother-in-law know it after a few days.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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