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March 14 1924/2024

Lanesboro – Gilbert McKune, a Civil War veteran, is ill with an attack of appendicitis at the home of his son, Arthur. He had reached his 80th milestone last week. ALSO Upwards of $200 has been contributed to the fund for the benefit of Mr. and Mrs. William Caden, who lost all their belongings by fire recently. Employees of the D. & H. gave $130 and monies are still being received.

Elk Lake – Owing to the Dimock school being closed, on account of scarlet fever, Misses Ruth Titman, Mildred Tanner and Belle Grow [teachers] have been home.

Auburn/Rush Twps. – E. C. Parker, of Jersey Hill, will sell his personal property at public sale, March 20, and move to Meshoppen, having sold his farm to W. N. Devine several months ago. Mr. Devine is manager of the Rush Poor Farm, and expected to move to his newly acquired property this spring, but the poor directors prevailed on him to remain with them another year.

Forest City – Charles and Martin Skubic Post of the American Legion is in receipt of a card from the War department stating that headstones for the graves of George Payne, Wm. Burns, Joseph Dearie, Raymond Murray and John Gardella, are being worked on. The department stated that owing to the thousands of requests no definite shipping date can be given. The government issues the headstones free. They are full white marble, 42” in length, 4” thick and 13” wide throughout, with a circle 2¼” in diameter on front face near the top—with Christian face and Latin cross. ALSO The Melhinch Shoe Company filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy, in the court at Scranton, on Wednesday of last week.

Harford – O. F. Maynard is the proud owner of a new Dodge sedan.

Susquehanna – The false work from the front of the First National Bank was removed by the contractor, last week, and it is now evident what a wonderful improvement has been made. The work is going on, however, and when completed the First National Bank will have a home second to none in this section of the country. ALSO Sanford S. Coddington, aged 66 years, died at his home in Harmony township, March 7. Mr. Coddington has been engaged in the milk business in this place for many years and was widely known and respected. He is survived by his widow and son, Frank, of this place; two brothers, Eugene and Frank of Circleville, NY and one sister, Mrs. Welsch, of Fair Oakes, NY.

Montrose – Ira B. Thomas, manager of the Ideal Theatre, has just installed a Gardiner Velvet Gold Fibre screen, an exact replica of those used in the Rivoli Theatre in New York City, the million dollar Max Linder Theatre, Paris, France and other leading theatres here and in Europe. Besides giving the pictures the appearance of real life, the new screen eliminates all eyestrain. Other advantages of the screen are that it reproduces pictures in all their natural color tones and swiftly moving objects in clear, sharp detail, entirely doing away with the hazy, vague outline and jump, which is the cause of much eyestrain.

Upper Lake – The box social held last Friday night for the benefit of R. Sherwood and family, of Hallstead, netted over $60.00. Mr. Sherwood and family have a host of friends in this vicinity who sympathize with them in their recent loss by fire.

Lawsville Grange – It was decided to hold a reception for Brother Philip Wheaton and his bride, at their Salt Springs home, Friday evening, March 14th. The ladies will bring cake. Ice cream will be served.

Gelatt – Manley Potter has purchased a radio and is entertaining his many friends in the evening.

Brooklyn – The Methodist church will hold a comedy social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Ely, Wednesday evening, March 19. A prize will be given for the funniest costume. ALSO Mrs. Virgie Kinney has been in Scranton, where she took treatment for diabetes and is very much improved.

Great Bend – Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Day contemplate spending the coming summer in England, where Mr. Day spent his boyhood days, according to the Great Bend Plaindealer, which says: “Mr. Day is one of Great Bend’s most progressive businessmen, and with his esteemed wife are planning a well earned vacation. They will sail about June 1st and will probably remain abroad until late in the fall. Hosts of friends wish them a pleasant visit and safe return to their home.”

Springville – Hotel Fisk has been purchased by Robert Smales and he will take possession March 20th.

Fairdale – Friends in this place are pleased to learn of the marriage of Roy Oakes and Mrs. Davis, which occurred Saturday, the 8th.

Baseball: Nicholson base ball fans are working on a project having as an object a Trail League to include Harford, Hallstead, New Milford, Hop Bottom, Nicholson, Factoryville and Clarks Summit. Great Bend and Hallstead are already at work on plans for a “bang up” team.

Old Turnpike Roads: For several years the maintenance of roads in several townships of the county, which were, originally, old turnpikes, has been a matter for controversy, more or less acute at different times. The townships in which they are located are urging that the county take them over and keep them in repair, claiming it is their legal obligation. As there are hundreds of miles of such turnpikes in the county, the Commissioners have been extremely reluctant to assume this obligation, claiming the expense of maintenance would run into large figures. However, the matter is up again and the status of these old roads may be determined, once and for all. Supervisors from Harford, Clifford, Brooklyn, Lathrop and Lenox, after a consultation with Dist. Atty. Edward Little, returned home and will measure such old roads in the respective townships, and ascertain what changes, if any have been made, since the laying of the original pikes. Those in question are: Milford & Owego, Great Bend & Philadelphia, Lenox & Brooklyn, Waterford & Abington, Newburg, Wilkes-Barre, Great Bend & etc.

News Brief: According to the American Issue, licenses of 16 Pennsylvania motorists, convicted of driving while intoxicated, were revoked recently by the automobile division and the names of six other persons were placed on the division blacklist for similar offences. This brings the total for the year to 512 motor vehicle drivers’ licenses revoked and 471 placed on the blacklist.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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