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March 13 1891/1991

Susquehanna County- At this time of year when the streets are generally covered with mud, it is aggravating to walk around a wagon, which has been left to blockade the crossing. AND As the sun gets up higher in the sky, and the days grow brighter and longer, the awful fact dawns upon the people that a new baseball season is about to begin. AND During the last decade we have heard a great deal about compulsory education, and there is before the Legislature now a bill to compel attendance at school of children under a particular age.

Montrose - The rear of some of our business places, where is carelessly thrown all kinds of rubbish, slops, odoriferous and disease-breeding matter, is worthy of the attention of both the "Fire and Safety" and "Sanitary" committees of the Borough Council. AND Preparations are being made for a "gentleman's supper" at the M.E. Church. It will be remembered that the one given some time ago, although a masculine affair from beginning to end, was a success. A "gent's apron parade" will take place and will undoubtedly be an attractive feature on this occasion when "women's rights" to the apron, dish cloth, etc. will be usurped for a short time.

Jersey Hill - C.W. Pierson, while on his way to Meshoppen one day last week, lost two pairs of red woolen socks with thread knit in the heels. Anyone finding them will confer a favor by leaving them, or word where they may be found, at A. Carters, Auburn Centre.

Harford – E.R. Tanner is making sugar on the old homestead farm. We hope he will find farming, as indeed it is, the best employment in America.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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