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March 1 1895/1995

North Jackson - Miss Myrta French is now filling an engagement with Sousa's Peerless Band and Concert Company, and will this week sing in the leading cities of Pennsylvania. A while ago she sang in Washington and other Southern cities and was everywhere received with crowded houses and in marked favor. That is acknowledged by all musical critics and press reporters. Miss French is the daughter of Dr. E.C. French now of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but a former resident of Jackson where the Doctor and his accomplished daughter have many near relatives and friends who will be pleased to learn of her continued success.

Clifford - The road from here to Carbondale is like a washboard, some dive holes six feet deep.

Bear Swamp - Much credit is due the Middletown Supervisor who so generously turned out with his force and opened the road through here, thus selling one worthy example for ours lo imitate.

Tunkhannock - Tunkhannock has purchased a 500 pound condemned locomotive fire and will use it for a fire alarm. It is said that a fire of this kind, properly hung, when struck with a 40pound hammer, can be heard two miles.

Flynn - A very pretty wedding look place here last week, the contracting parties being Miss Sarah Degnan and Mr. Lawrence Curley. It was intended to be a very quiet affair, only the immediate friends being present, but the good natured boys of Middletown could not resist the temptation to make just a little noise outside, so at the appointed hour they met, well equipped with horns, tin pans, bells, guns, etc.

Hallstead - The new and old stations, the roundhouse and the train dispatcher’s office have recently been connected by telephone.

Silver Lake - Mrs. Alice Rodgers is about the only one who has been able to keep her houseplants through this severe cold weather. Owing to her good care.

News Briefs: During the last year there were 684 births and 438 deaths in this county.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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