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June 30 1893/1993

Susquehanna - The following dispatch concerning Linus E. Post, formerly a resident of this place, and whose parents still reside here, we copy from The New York World of Sunday — "Commodore Linus E. Post, who was said to have been drowned or foully dealt with, has been located at Shanghai, Japan. He is in the employ of the Asiatic branch of Canadian Pacific Company." AND Ninety fresh air children are being entertained at Susquehanna and Oakland.

Union Hill - The Ladies' Aid Society will hold an ice cream and strawberry festival at Thos. Reese's on the evening of the 30th inst. Boys, come — but do not come alone.

Harford - The full moon rose directly behind Elk Mountain, north peak, Wednesday night, to dwellers on East Hill. This will not happen again in many years. AND Prof. Sweet says the farmers of the South never plant corn in our usual style. One kernel to the hill, one foot apart, is the rule.

North Jackson - Oscar Larrabee, while on his way from North Jackson to Susquehanna, one day recently, saw a monster which he describes as about the size of a saw long cross the road. As Oscar is truthful and not subject to trances, his allegory is believed. It is probably the same "what is it" which has been stirring up the residents in the vicinity of Fiddle Lake.

Lawsville Centre - David Bailey rides in a brand new carriage and it takes the cake too.

Hop Bottom - Hop bottom had a mad bull running the streets the other day, which took some 10 men with ropes, etc., to capture and get it to the cattle yard. The excitement was great.

Crystal Lake - The opening of Fern Hall, at Crystal Lake, occurred last week.

Great Bend - The Great Bend nice track is being put in good shape again, by a number of Great Bend men. Five teams were put to work Monday morning, and they intend to put it in A-1 shape and then give a three days meet this fall, with one day for Susquehanna County horses. They intend to spend about $500 this year.

Susquehanna County - Did you ever notice that when the current of travel leaves a road, especially one that is not in the immediate vicinity of a railroad, how the homes go down and the habitation drills away from it? Take the old Milford turnpike over the mountain, and almost every quarter of a mile you ill notice the ruins of a former home, crude to be sure, but a home. Occasional clearings, with old apple trees, here and there a stray old cherry tree, rose bushes, nice green sward, old stone foundations, etc.; all these have histories and many of these ruins may be the birthplaces of perhaps men prominent in commercial and professional life in many parts of the country. This abandonment, it is said, is due to the advent of railroads and the cessation of travel; and the isolation caused by these facts. AND A shower of toads is a recent Wilkes-Barre phenomenon. They fell during a rain in the night, and literally made the asphalted streets around Public Square seem alive with the diminutive hoppers. The Times of that city says that each toad could have sat on a 3-cent piece and had abundant elbowroom. AND “Slizzard" is the new name for a hot wave. AND This years edition of the summer girl is a symphony in immaculate white. AND Where shall I spend the Fourth?" is the question that is agitating the minds of many of our citizens at present. Here is a pointer to those who are considering this subject. Fill up your lunch basket, take the entire family, join the Band excursion, and spend the day at Heart Lake. The fare for the round trip is only 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children. Can you enjoy a days outing cheaper than this? The tickets will be good on all regular trains during the day, and there will also be a special train leaving the Lake at midnight, This will give all who, wish to attend, the dance in the evening and Opportunity to remain. Remember that round trip tickets are only 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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