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June 26 1891/1991

Lanesboro - There will be a grove dance at Taylor's Park, Lanesboro, on the afternoon and evening of July 4th. A new dancing platform has been built and provided with a shelter. No postponement on account of weather. Good music, perfect order, and a good time for all who attend.

Birchardville - Everybody's Fourth of July at Birchardville. Picnic dinner, ice cream, strawberries. lemonade, confectionary, etc., furnished on grounds. Good speaking and music, side-splitting fantastics, and fireworks in evening. Good time in general. All are invited to help by their attendance. Proceeds for benefit of M.E. Church and Sabbath School.

Brooklyn - Joseph Oakley, of Brooklyn, superintends the building of the culverts on the Lackawanna and Montrose Railroad. He is also general utility man, cutting down trees, uprooting stumps and preparing the way for the pick, shovel and wheelbarrow brigade. Joseph is a practical man and an acknowledged hustler He made a wager last Monday that the grading of the road would be completed to the terminus in Montrose in four weeks and one of the contractors informed him that he had made a safe bet.

Forest City - Patrick Boylan, the Forest City all-round athlete, is in training for the APA races and promises to make it interesting for some of the beardless youths that think they can run. We'll bet our shekels on Patrick, if they’ll give him start enough.

Harford - Harry VanBuskirk has had a well located and has in his employ W.I. Carpenter and Leslie Hawley for the purpose of sinking it down to the required depth. He is hopeful of finding pure water, which has been a doubtful question as regards the health of his family. He will escape last summer's ordeal of sickness if bad water was the cause.

Rush - Two hen turkeys owned by M.B. Perigo showed singular and unprofitable conduct this spring. They visited their nests daily, as good hen turkeys should, but failed to lay eggs and after the season of laying they began to sit on the empty nests with as much persistency as though they had a nest of eggs. The owner rid himself of them.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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