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June 23 1893/1993

Susquehanna - The June number of Harper's Young People contains an excellent drawing by Artist Charles D. Graves, illustrating an article entitled "Jabez Horten's Crossbow" by James Buckham. Mr. Graves is a son of James A. Graves of this place. AND The monster-pushing locomotive sent by the Erie to the World's Fair will soon return and be assigned to the Jefferson branch.

Upsonville - Our pastor complains that he must pass through wet grass, mud and dust to and from church while there are enough rocks within a stone’s throw to pave the highway.

Harford - On Saturday last, old men, middle-aged and young men indulged in an old-fashioned game of "Massachusetts baseball" on the Fair Ground, the soft ball being used. Game conducted on old rules as I far as could be remembered: choosing up and selecting one by one on both sides; knocks, a tick and catch or spotting a man between bases brought the side out. An hour and one half was spent very pleasantly, one having not engaged in this sport for more than 20 years. It left some of the older ones quite lame and sore for many days after, but no regrets were felt; another game the following Saturday. Leaders and sides as follows: M.J. Whitney, Bert Tallman, E. VanLoan, Frank Bennett, Burke Turrell, Ira Barnes, Horace Sweet, Capt. Sweet, Willie Sweet, W.I. Carpenter, Willie Tiffany, A.D. Darrow, Claire Carpenter. Tally kept on a slick by culling notches, and stood: Whitney, 32; Barnes, 14.

Montrose - Warren Tingley wishes to inform the range master of Company G that the reason his cows love to hover around the company's rifle pit so much is due to the fact that the upper pan of the target acts as a rotary fan, not only keeping them cool during the heat of the day, but driving the flies far hence. He is very grateful to the company for their kindness to his stock. The cows are evidently wise animals, knowing full well that their safest place is near the target. AND [picture shown with article] As the Montrose Area H.S. Band prepared to leave for England on June 16, Maurice Taylor reminded Dean Houck, Director of the M.A.H.S. Band, that 60 years ago, on June 6, the Montrose H S. band left for their trip to Evanston, Illinois to participate in a national band contest. The Montrose Independent of June 15, 1933 reported Montrose Band Wins Honors In National Contest. "With but three bands in the United States rated higher than they in the national contest, the Montrose High School band returned from Evanston, Illinois, on Monday morning after five strenuous but happy days. Gaining a place in the second division, in spite of the fact that the Montrose band was the smallest organization in the contest, was an achievement of which the people of this community are lustly proud. The band toured the Century of Progress Exposition [site of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair] and Niagara Falls They also encountered heat during the competition of over 100 degrees. Mrs. Maurice Taylor, the former Charlotte Stilson, remembers the trip vividly, especially the heat and train ride. AND Members of the band are I. to r.: Kneeling: Jerry Smith, Christine Wheaton, Wilbur Dodge Jack Donovan. 1st row: Maurice Taylor, Director, Leon Taylor, Lynn Summers, Betty Horton Ruth Haley, Mabel Birchard Gardner, Grace Gardner Burpee, Zaide Birchard, B.J. Davies, Charlotte Stilson Taylor, Eloise Hunsinger, Harold Sipe Edward Aitken, John Sweet, Drum Major. 2nd row: Braton Baker, Helen Wilson Lewis, Christine Mack, Virginia Wheaton Miller. Eddie Birchard, Russel Smith Eddie Catlin, Hoiner Stone, Sylvia Wheaton, Helen Aitken, Bryce Hollister. Art Walll, John DePew. 3rd row. [Msgr.]Donald Deuel, Jack Tiffany, Bob Stilson, Lester Hefferan. Mary Louise Palmer Lathrop Bill Hibbard, Arnold Stone, Kendall Wheaton, Bob Baxter, Dwight Berg. 4th Row: Wesley Weilgaoski, L. Raynor, Ralph Halsey, Clyde Lathrop, George Britton, Paul Canfield, Ralph Arnold. Paul Deuel, Charles Taylor, Arthur Clink.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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