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June 20 1919/2019

Montrose – It will be of general interest to the people of this section to know the not inconsiderable part a Montrose industry played in the first great non-stop trans-Atlantic flight. It is not generally known that the Beach Manufacturing Co., of Montrose, operated by the McKeage Bros.., furnished the woodworking saws and machinery, which are used in the huge Vimy factory in Manchester, England. Yet this is so. The fine machines made in the local plant were used in making the fine, birdlike Vimy airplanes, which are considered the best in the world. The local plant is at present working on an order for one of the largest wood-working machines ever built for this same aero plant. [Non-Stop Flight Across the Atlantic—16 hours and 12 minutes from the time the Vickers-Vimy flying machine left at St. John’s Newfoundland, piloted by Capt. Jack Alcock, with Lt. Arthur Whitten Brown as navigator, it landed on the Irish coast and the achievement of a non-stop transatlantic flight became a historical fact. At a rate of 120 miles an hour they had crossed the ocean, more than 1900 miles, sometimes not knowing whether they were flying upside down in the heavy fog, which prevented them from taking bearings either from the sun or sky.]

Uniondale – John E. Thomas, for nearly 30 years postmaster, died after an illness at his home on Thursday, June 12, 1919. He was born in Paris, NY, March 20, 1851 and moved with his parents, 8 years later, to Clifford, and has lived in the vicinity of Uniondale since that time. He opened a general store in that place in 1874. The funeral was held from his late home with representatives from the Presbyterian church, Masons and friends and relatives throughout the county being present.

Harford – A telegram from County Farm Bureau Agent reads: State College, PA, June 19, Susquehanna county stock judging team from Harford won first prize contesting for State Championship—the biggest honor the boys could achieve. The team consists of Miller Lewis, Rupert Grant, Kenneth Maynard, Frank Wilmarth and Howard Benning. ALSO Some skulking thieves broke into the cellar where Mrs. Hazel Williams had a barrel of vinegar in the making and carried off and wasted about half of the contents.

Middletown Twp. – Sherman Jones, who has been with the A. E. F. in France, is back and friends of “Sherm” didn’t recognize him in his additional avoirdupois and impressive moustache. But he’s the same jovial lad, though aged by war’s hardships that we knew while a student in the Montrose high school.

Auburn Twp. – Ben Smith spent Friday with his parents at Retta, visiting his brother, Nathan, who has just returned from overseas, bringing a bride with him.

Friendsville – Cornelius Minchan, Charles Van Bell, Oscar Hill and Chas. McInerney have been honorably discharged from the U. S. army and have returned to their homes here. All four young men were at the “front” and but recently returned from France.

Heart Lake – Miss Ethel Lyons announces the opening of her tearoom, “The Lyoness” on Saturday evening, June 21st. From a tempting list of beverages, relishes, soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts one can surely select an appetizing hot weather menu, and we anticipate a prosperous season for Miss Lyons. The packing of tourist lunches will be a specialty.

West Bridgewater Twp. – Guy Angle, who has been employed with the Dr. Kilmer Co., of Binghamton, for the last seven years, is home on vacation.

Gibson – The semi-centennial celebration of the M. E. church was observed with services. One of the most enjoyable hours was the sunset service at the grave of former Judge Urbane Burrows, who paid over half the cost of building the church 50 years ago, and at his death left a $3000 endowment to assist in the support of the church. Services throughout the week, consisting of sermons, music by the local orchestra and singing added much to the enjoyment of all. ALSO Gibson is going to have a 4th of July celebration. A program has been prepared which has something doing from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. There will not be a dull moment during the entire twelve hours. A parade, races, an address, an evening entertainment are among the interesting things on the program.

Forest City – Andrew Strinsky was seriously injured while at work in the Grassy Mine, Monday morning. He was employed as a brakeman on a “lokie” when in some way he fell between the cars. He was dragged fully 200 feet before being released. He was removed to his home on North Main street. He sustained severe cuts and bruises on the right side and his right leg from the knee down was severely torn. His spine was also injured. ALSO A dinner party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Touch in honor of a number of returned Italian-American soldiers. The guests were Samuel Fario, Earl Tedesco, Frank Braiotti, Domineo Morchione, Frank Tripico, ____ Feraro, Carmine diMarcho.

News Briefs: Action by Congress on equal suffrage—subject of a fight of 40 years duration ended last week in adoption by the Senate, by a vote of 56 to 25, of the historic Susan B. Anthony Constitutional Amendment resolution. The proposed amendment adopted by the House by a vote of 304 to 89, May 21 last, as the first act of the new Congress, now goes to the states for ratification by the legislatures, which is required before its incorporation in the Federal Constitution. ALSO It is understood that every soldier who served in the United States army during the great war will receive a button to wear to be known as the Victory Button, provided he served honorably. There will be two kinds of buttons; one of silver for men wounded in the service, and one of bronze to be issued to all officers and men who served honorably on active duty. The design represents a five-pointed star surrounded by a wreath. In the center of the star there is a shield with the letters “U.S.”

200 Years Ago from the Montrose Gazette, June 19, 1819.

*MARRIED, In this township [Bridgewater], on the 6th inst., by J. W. Hill, Esq., Mr. Walter Allen, to Miss Betsey Campbell; Mr. Jacob Bump to Mrs. Polly Thayre, all of this township.

*DIED, In this township [Bridgewater] on Monday last in the 17th year of her age, of the prevailing fever, Phebe Daniels, daughter of Richard Daniels.

*FOUND, On the road leading from Montrose to the Newburgh Turnpike a large Bag containing sundry articles of Women’s apparel—the owner may have them again by calling on E. Fuller and paying for this advertisement. Montrose, June 15th, 1819.

*STRAY MARE. Came to the subscriber about the middle of the present month, a BLACK MARE, supposed to be six or seven years old, a natural trotter, square dock, rather under size, the owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away. OLIVER PAYNE. Gibson, May 29, 1819.

*TO LAND HOLDERS AND FARMERS. Persons wishing to get surveying done may be accommodated by applying to D. Post, Esq. at Montrose, or the Subscriber at the Great Bend, who will execute commands in any part of the County on a reasonable notice. DANIEL TROWBRIDGE, Montrose, May 8, 1819.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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