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June 17 1892/1992

Jackson - June the second quite a number of friends and neighbors were the guests of Jotham Pickering, it being his 82nd birthday anniversary. Mr. Pickering was born in Gibson. in a house that was standing at that time on the lower side of the old Newburgh Turnpike, near where Whitney now resides. Mr. Pickering was a relative of Col. Timothy Pickering, one of the first to settle in Harmony Township. He has lived on the farm where he now resides sixty-two years. [Timothy Pickering was a General in the Revolutionary War served as a Postmaster General, and Secretary of War and State in George Washington's cabinet. He could not agree with President Adams and was dismissed. While Sec. of War he presented plans for converting West Point military post into a military academy]

Springville- The good people of Springville are talking of organizing a new society, called the "Mind Your Own Business Society." ~AND~ Have you been in Mrs. Grattan's millinery kinds? She is constantly adding to her five and ten cent counters, and you would be surprised to know the nice things that you can get for 5 and 10 cents.

Montrose - We have often heard of pulling teeth without pain, but have always been skeptical on the subject until Friday afternoon, when we witnessed some extracting done by Mrs. Joachim and Hatch at the Tarbell House, the patient being one of our well-known lawyers. The process is very simple, the nerves being deadened by injecting a liquid called "Odontunder" into the gums. To show us that this process took away all feeling. Dr. Hatch cut the flesh away from around the decayed tooth without the patient experiencing any pain whatsoever, a tact which we have the patient's own word for Drs. Joachim and Hatch will remain in Montrose until the latter part of next week thus giving all who wish teeth extracted without pain a chance to visit them ~AND~ John Quinn, the veteran color bearer of Four Brothers Post, attended the reunion of the Army of the carried the stars and stripes in the parade in such a manner as to throw the other color bearers in the shade.

Birchardville - Sunday morning last Calvin Robinson was driving a team to the creamery when a whiffletree broke and the team left the wagon and driver in the road. The team ran about fifty rods. No serious damage was done, only breaking the wagon pole and whiffletrees. Calvin thinks he has better take out a life insurance policy so if he should get married his wife might get the money if he should be killed.

Union Dale - Mr. Edwin Corey is the owner of one of the first finest parrots in this county. Those who have heard him sing, talk, or whistle, all unite in agreeing that "Tom is a dandy."

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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