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June 15 1894/1994

Hallstead/Great Bend - The Hallstead and Great Bend Trotting Association will have their opening trot at the Keystone Driving Park, Great Bend, Thursday and Friday, June 21st and 22nd. AND The D.L. & W. Railroad is soon to build a new depot at Hallstead.

Montrose - The United States Buggy and Cart Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, have donated to Montrose Fire Company No.2 a beautiful, buggy. It was intended for their recent Trades display but owing to unforeseen circumstances the buggy did not reach here in time. Circular letters will be printed next week explaining the method of displaying. AND Montrose will, on the 10th day of July, hold an election to ascertain whether the borough shall be lighted by electricity and of course it will decide in the affirmative. Montrose is too progressive to down a public benefit like the one proposed. If the town was once lighted by electricity, the people couldn’t thereafter be induced to return to kerosene lamps and tallow dips.

Harford - There are ninety boys and sixty-three girls in the Soldiers Orphans School, at Harford. AND Professor Osborn, of Harford, is engaged as principal of the Nicholson schools at a salary of eighty dollars a month. Mr. Osborn is highly spoken of as a teacher.

Little Meadows - Ladies of Little Meadows are discussing the project of having a Fourth of July celebration and had a meeting to take some action thereon. Of course different views were entertained and some lively wire pulling was resorted to, to work things up, and it is said that the "Susquehanna County Political Ring might gather pointers from the arguments used. But they will celebrate, however.

Birchardville - The Improved Order of Red Men, of Birchardville, will hold a great 4th of July celebration, Races, plays, speeches, etc. The Rush Corners Band will be present Platform dance afternoon and evening; new orchestra. Lots of amusement with fire works.

West Lenox - The people who are supplying Poppy with hard cider had better have a care or else there may be trouble. The old man got full of hard cider last Sunday and shocked people by his cursing and swearing on their way to church. He even sat on the church steps and blasphemed and cursed people as they circled the house of God. If this happens again the party who supplies the cider will be complained of.

Hop Bottom - Your correspondent stated in last weeks items that had erected a slaughter house in this Borough; it is a false statement and wish you to correct it as have not erected any slaughter house or thought of such a thing or authorized any one to erect one. The Borough Ordinance prohibits such a building in the Borough and wish the people to know that.

Forest Lake Centre - A tramp, a representative of Cleveland Times, went through this place Tuesday asking for work. Myron Strange let him sleep in his barn over night and offered him something to cat the next morning. We are glad some one befriended him.

Forest City - Woodbury Coyle, our street commissioner, is doing some fine work on our streets, building sewer pipe and repairing the walks. Forest City will soon have as fine streets as any other borough in this vicinity.

Gibson - The dedication of the Union church at Gelatt, June 6th, makes the fourth church in Gibson Township within 27 years.

Retta - There will be an ice cream and strawberry social in the grove at F.J. Tewksbury’s on Saturday evening, June 23rd. The West Auburn Cornet Band will be in attendance and will enliven the occasion by some of their excellent music.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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