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June 13 1890/1990

Clifford - The Clifford Star Band will give an ice-cream festival at the residence of Mr. D.C. Wells next Wednesday evening.

Franklin Forks - Lyman Beebe is studying law. Harry Beebe says he has got a cow that will give 32 quarts of milk twice a day.

Lenox Twp. - Elwyn M. and Maria [Davis] Decker announce the birth of a son, Stephen Elwin, on May 31, 1890.

Montrose - James Smiley, the artist, has arrived at his summer residence here, with his family.

New Milford - As we are going to press we learn with deep regret of the death of Dr. L.A. Smith, who passed away at 4:20 on Thursday morning. He was one of the oldest doctors in Susquehanna County.

Susquehanna - The first electric light pole was raised on June 6th at the corner of Main Street and Erie Avenue.

Uniondale - Children's Day was observed in the M.E. Church on Sunday the 8th by a grand celebration. The little old church was crowded even to the aisles and vestibule. Wagons were drawn up to the side of the church and people occupied them at the open window. There was a pretty recitation well executed by Irene Burns about 4 years of age.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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