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July 13  1917/2017

Heart Lake – Dance at Heart Lake tonight. Music by Olaver & Coan, the pianist and drummer who furnished the music for the dance July 4th. Dance tickets, 75 cents.

Birchardville – A large motor truck driven by F.E. Fessenden, of Birchardville, brought six fine registered Jersey heifers to the farm of A.M. Shoemaker across the river on Saturday. The cattle were bought of D.F. & S.C.  Birchard, dealers in registered stock. Mr. Fessenden made the trip of 30 miles in four hours, and the cattle appeared to rather enjoy the ride. [Tunkhannock newspaper]

Hop Bottom – Fair skies, no accidents, plenty of eats, a fine parade, good band music, a splendid patriotic speech, a lively ball game and a splendid home talent entertainment in the evening, with a large enthusiastic audience of the day, made the 4th of July celebration at Foster one long to be remembered.

Brooklyn – What might have proved a very serious accident occurred here last Thursday evening. Luther Ely, Jr. and Ira Barnes, Jr., of Philadelphia, were playing in front of the Ely home, when Luther started to pour some powder from a powder horn on to a piece of paper. Unknown to the boys the paper had been used to light fire works with, and still held a little fire. The powder caught fire and in the horn exploded, burning both boys about the face and hands. The Barnes boy was able to be about the next day, but the Ely boy was confined to the house several days and is still under the doctor’s care. In justice to their parents, it must be said that no one knew that the boys had powder, and the Ely boy had obtained it some time ago, when someone had spilled it in loading a musket and he had gathered it up.

Dimock – Wallace Fish, who is nearly 82 years old, seems to be more than ordinary smart for a man of his years.  He attends his many chores, hoeing in his large garden and making daily trips to the store and postoffice for his trade and mail, and also chopping his fire wood.

Ararat – The children and grandchildren of John Keenan, Sr., met at his home on June 27 to celebrate their father’s 60th birthday. Photographer Rounds, of Forest City, was present in the afternoon and took a group picture of the entire family. A party was held in the evening with 60 guests in attendance. Refreshments were served consisting of ham sandwiches, olives, bananas, ice cream and cake.  Visiting and dancing were enjoyed.

Clifford – Mrs. Zilpha Lott, 80 years of age and a life-long resident of this place, died Wednesday afternoon of last week at the home of her son, William Lott, in Greenfield township. The funeral was held from the son’s home with interment in the Clifford cemetery. She is survived by her husband, William Lott, and two sons, William and Bert Lott. ALSO Miss Martha Pratt, assistant “hello” girl in our central [telephone] office, spent the Fourth at her home in Hopbottom.

Forest City – A colt driven by Mr. Tripp, of Herrick, became frightened on North Main street Friday afternoon. Mr. Tripp was thrown out of the carriage when the king bolt broke but escaped injury. The colt sped down the street at a lively clip until it was intercepted by Timothy Kilhullen, who grabbed it by the bits and succeeded in stopping the steed. It was a heroic act on the part of the genial Tim and he ought to be rewarded by the presentation of a Carnegie medal. ALSO – Michael Skubic, who recently visited relatives here, on returning to his regiment was informed of his promotion to a sergeant. Located at Fort Snelling, St. Paul, Minn., he is without doubt one of the youngest sergeants in the regular army.  He is bright, studious and well versed in tactics.

Lewis Lake – The railroad company won out in the injunction proceedings by which it was attempted to stop the company from work on the dam at this place. The company was acting in compliance with orders from the state and had no intention of raising the water level. Work on the dam will be resumed at an early date.

Herrick Twp. – Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, of Tresco, celebrated the 40th anniversary of their marriage, on Sunday, in company with their children and grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were married in Wales and shortly afterward emigrated to America and for the past quarter of a century have been residents of this township and are highly respected. Their children, George, of New York city; Harry, Valens and Frank, of Scranton, and Mrs. Howard Wells, of Clifford, and six grandchildren, attended the anniversary.

Elkdale – Rev. Stanton’s Sunday School class will serve ice cream on J. A. McAlla’s lawn Friday evening, July 20th.

News Brief: For the past week or ten days fine home-grown strawberries have been received in the local markets. They retail at two quarts for a quarter. ALSO A flint knife has recently been found in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, which had been used in performing surgical operations in the Stone Age. It is almost identical with the operating knife adopted by surgeons within the past few years. ALSO Governor Brumbaugh has signed the bill to erect a state bridge over the Susquehanna, at Falls, Wyoming county, at a cost of $195,000.

200 Years Ago from the Montrose Centinel, July 12, 1817.

*Will be disposed of a PUBLIC VENDUE. On Friday the 8th of August next, all the personal property of Truman Clinton, late of Clifford Township, deceased. HOSEA TIFFANY, JR., FREEMAN PECK, Administrators of said estate.

*8 Dollars Reward. Escaped from the custody of the subscriber on the 2nd of July inst. Samuel Dailey, of Clifford township, Susquehanna co. Pa. a prisoner on an execution in favor of James Clark, Innkeeper. Said Daily is of a sandy complexion, somewhat freckled and about 21 years of age. The above reward will be paid to any person who shall secure him in the goal of this county. RELAS H. FOOT, Const. of New Milford township July 8, 1817.

*Caution to the Public. ALL persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing 4 notes of hand given by the subscriber to Derrick Cobb, and one to William C. Turrel, dated the 4th of March last, as no value has been received, and I shall not pay them unless compelled by law. BENAJAH STONE. Bridgewater, June 12, 1817.

*MARRIAGE. The father of the great Sir Thomas Moore, and who was one of the Judges of the King’s Bench, broached a curious opinion respecting matrimony. Whilst engaged in a discourse upon the subject, he compared a man seeking a wife, to a person putting his hand into a bag full of snakes, amongst which there was one eel; ‘where he may,’ observed this learned Judge, ‘chance to light upon the eel, but it is a hundred to one that he is stung by a snake.’

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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