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July 12 1895/1995

Lanesboro – St. Johns Roman Catholic Church will hold a picnic in Taylor’s Grove July 10; the Baptists one day earlier. AND During the storm on Sunday night lightning struck the great Starrucca Viaduct. The rails and ties were shattered for a considerable distance, but the old structure remained intact. It defies the elements and the ravages of time.

Springville – Mrs. Grattan is constantly adding to her already large stock of goods and she is at present selling her millinery so cheap that you can get a hat at almost any price to suit yourself.

Jackson – On Monday afternoon and evening Tuttle’s Big Olympic show performed on the grounds in front of C.C. Booksaver’s blacksmith shop. They have a fine troupe of trained dogd that walk, go to school and march.

Gulf Summit – During the storm on a few evenings since, a great, hot ball of stone fell from the heavens into a field near Gulf Summit, in vicinity of Susquehanna. As it struck the earth it scooped a great hole and almost imbedded in the sand. The contact was heard half a mile away, and some of the farmers in the vicinity believed that a locomotive boiler had exploded. The stone will probably weigh about three hundred pounds. It is of rough exterior and blue in color. Binghamton scientists pronounce it an earcolite [aerolite – a stony meteorite]. It remained hot for two days and ten hours after it fell. Farmers roasted eggs upon it. During the rain it sent up great clouds of steam, visible in several townships. It will be boxed and sent to the Smithsonian Institute.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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