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July 1 1890/1990

Montrose – The 80th anniversary of the Montrose Presbyterian Church is being observed. The large decorated window for the church front has arrived, but only the top part has been put in place the entire window to be in place by July 6th. AND A few mornings ago, about 5 o'clock, Fayette and Charles Sprout were chased by two tramps, who demanded dinner which the boys were carrying in their lunch basket. The lads were greatly frightened, but succeeded in reaching Mr. Hinds' house before their hungry pursuers passed by.

Susquehanna - "Lalla Rook" the steam yacht recently launched upon the Susquehanna, by F.H. Pride, foreman of the "Journal" will make regular trips for the benefit of pleasure seekers between Lanesboro and Windsor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. It is said that the little craft develops a speed of about 12 miles an hour.

Union Dale- Again we announce a grand Fourth of July cerebration. Good speakers, plenty of music, lots of fun, come and enjoy the day with us and aid in the new church enterprise.

Rush - The Methodist people of Rush will celebrate the Fourth in the Butterfield Grove. On the program is music and the reading of the Declaration of Independence and addresses by several dignitaries.

Brooklyn - Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Stearns and Miss Ella Bailey will teach the Brooklyn Graded School this coming term.

News Brief- Miscellaneous: The fellow who started the item in the papers saying there would be no potato bugs this year is not a thorough bugologist, for the bugs were never more thick than they are this year. There not being enough potatoes planted to feed them, they have begun eating tomatoes.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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